How to revert back to a locked bootloader

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Dec 27, 2019
Moto G 5G
In order to relock your bootloader you need to reboot into fastboot mode and plug your moto one 5g ace into your computer with platform tools installed first. Once you're into fastboot mode be sure you restore your boot.img file from the rom folder of your phone and replace the magisk_patched boot.img with the one that's fully stock and because this phone has android 10, it's r/o only with very little functionality when the bootloader is fully unlocked at this time. You'll notice a boot up telling you to relock the bootloader. Use the volume buttons to go ahead and relock it. Be warned. Save any messages and anything important before doing this as it's going to completely wipe your phone like new.

The commands to restore are fastboot flash boot boot.img (find the stock firmware for your os)

If you have any questions please let me know since this is my first time ever buying a Motorola phone

This only applies if the operating system is unmodified. When the operating system is overwritten with custom files you install inside the system partition, it's very important to flash the full
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