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Question How to root a Teyes CC2

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New member
Nov 5, 2020
Hello, I bought a Teyes CC2 for my C-HR 2018 European version and I got one question and one feedback for you.

Question: does anyone know how can I root it and did anyone rooted it until now? If I root can I just instal a version of android and use a car launcher? Will my camera work?

Feedback: took 2 months to be delivered and I went to a Toyota Engineer to install it. We put everything in place and at the end, we realized that Teyes does not provide a back cover and proper support for the display to be able to fit it in and not to fall when you drive. Now the display is ok, no lag but still I would like to root it and open up to proper launcher ( the ones provided are really bad) - you need to use their radio, music player, etc as default and I did not manage to un-default them.

By the way, on my car it took me 3 months to install it because of the problem described above, Aliexpress did not want to penalize them - they did sell a product that could not be used, and to send the product back to china and get a reimbursement it will cost me around 150 euros and I paid 250 + customs for it and it's not worth it.

Any opinions?



Dec 9, 2012
sry to hear that, I had issue where I accidently connected wrong wire in Radio (Tayes Spro) and burned it. My mistake.
I returned it back but little bit too late, and after 1 year almost of battle with Aliexpress. I didn't manage to do anything with them.
Then I found out about 2 WhatsApp numbers from Teyes Technicians and I contacted them.
First technician was jerk, but second was good. He helped me and after over 1 year I got my new radio :D

Its interesting you didn't get any kind of support for you radio normally you should screw radio on given frame for you vehicle.

And yea im still using it and still searching for RooT -.-


Senior Member
Jul 1, 2010
@mihaivmatei, did you purchase the CC2 with a frame? What is the URL you purchased from? What kind of car do you have?

What do you need root for? I ask because I had rooted my SPro but then I noticed some things not working properly. I was able to do everything I wanted without rooting and did not root on the last firmware I flashed.

Cannot change the version of Android.

You should be able to load/run any other car launcher. Have you tried? I have an older version of CarWebGuru running. I use Waze navigation with PowerAmp music player usually.


Dec 9, 2012
mate I manage today to root my Teyes SPRO with CC2 ROM, its freakin easy.

take any USB must be fat32 with 4k bytes, and extract files from this rar into usb. Start car put it in radio and radio will show you to install this rom. but ofc its not rom.