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[How To Root] [EMUI 5+EMUI 8]+[KangVip Rom V.1.1] Huawei P8 lite 2017 PRA (Prague)

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New member
Oct 21, 2020
Hello friends, I am using p9 lite 2017 (PRA-LX1), now I have Android 8 (orero) and EMUI 8 version on my phone, the root you described here is compatible for this phone, more precisely EMUI 8, and Android 8. Also I turned on Bootloader lock. So if I can root your root, I will transfer to sd card with linksd2 application. Thank you in advance for your answers and interest. (By the way, I'm new on this page :))


Senior Member
May 18, 2018

I'm really sorry, but outsourcing from apps to SD is not possible. Take a look at the threads about lineage roms. Maybe there is a chance.


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Oct 22, 2019
Redmi Note 8


New member
Nov 23, 2016
is there a way to get back to EMUI 5 (e.g. using adb and some .img on the internet?).
I've already tried using HiSuite, but it didn't work.


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    I appreciate the work of @G.Man. He tested every possible situation with this Phone to find the best way how to Root it despite the limitations of EMUI 5.0!

    He wasn't afraid to bring his phone three or more times nearly to a brick just in the hope to find a possible Root Solution for us, which works pretty much good :cowboy:

    Many thanks at this point. Without his testing and work we would not be able to get Root Rights on this Phone with newest SuperSU :)
    So you will release twrp soon?
    I wish you success !!!
    Sure, at least I need to download the stock PRA-LX1C432B115 firmware to restore stock recovery in case of bootloop :)
    P.S: I already make minimal device tree and once rooted i can pull all proprietary libs to make first rom.
    I manage to unlock frp and bootloader without problems and now start download omni 7.0 source code and make twrp with stock kernel until Huawei release sources of Linux 4.1.
    Got SuperSu on P8 Lite 2017 without flashing that boot.img, I just made a twrp (that already available for downloading) by my self and flash supersu. (Y).
    Nice, Linux 4.1 :laugh: And you want develope for this phone now? How is the security patch level on this phone?
    well, if huawei release it kernel source, of course i will make roms, here security patches..and some antutu points. then only issue is internal storage is very small but i guess can be solved with an sdcard with a class higher than 10..