How to Root - Lenovo Z5 PRO

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Sep 21, 2008
--------------------------------> DISCLAIMER <------------------------------------

Premise: The root is a relatively risky operation.

Premise 2: It will not be possible to apply the updates O(n)T(he)A(ir) that the phone manufacturer could release in the future

Premise 3: You MUST have installed TWRP. You can find the tutorial HOW TO INSTALL TWRP here

--------------------------------> HOW TO ROOT <------------------------------------

Open the browser from the phone and go here:

Tap and download the stable version of Magisk Manager: or from the View attachment MagiskManager-v6.1.0.apk

Probably, on the phone screen, will appear a screen that tell you that the application is not secure and you'll have to tell him to enable the installation from that source (you'll have to do a couple of extra tap)

Now, on the phone you will have installed the Magisk Manager application, start it!

1) From the main screen of Magisk Manager, Tap on 'Install'
You will see 'Installation of Magisk, do you want to install
2) Tap on 'Install'
3) You will be asked to select the method you want to install it with, Tap on: Direct Install (Recommended)
4) It will appear a screen with a series of writings, at last you'll read: All Done!
5) Tap on REBOOT.​

Congratulations you have performed correctly the root!

Now that you have root, maybe you are interested to have Google Camera Mod for do better shots! You can find the tutorial HERE
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Mar 3, 2019
Please help I lost all my personal data because of Unlock Bootloader and now i can't go to TWRP to install Root files So sad :(

it is very well-known that rooting and/or unlocking the bootloader will wipe your phone. never do something without making a backup and please do not cry if you don't and lose data... that's part of the experience and your own stupidity :D.

try to reinstall the drivers in safe mode, or use adb manager to install the proper drivers. most of the times it does not work due to driver issues. maybe try it on a different computer (this one saved me lots of work)!


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Apr 23, 2020
Esqueci minha senha de bloqueio z5 pro gt como desbloquear sem pc no ajude já fiz todos os tutorial mas não conseguo