How to root no pc

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New member
Apr 4, 2021
Hi techies,

So I want to root my galaxy s6 edge, my laptop has screwed up an I have no other way of reinstalling windows so I want to attempt to do it with my phone and apparently this requires rooting the phone, i have downloaded a windows iso to my phone and I do have a card reader that plugs into my phone to transfer files either way.

But I'm finding all this rooting business rather confusing, i have no access to a pc, which is obviously what I need to root I have seen some apps but they mention Roms and recovery software (phone) I'm just so confused by it all.

I'd love some help and if someone could help me through it I'd be grateful I did install kingaroot but then it asks for a payment which I can't provide at the moment, I've got around £2 in the bank kings root want $10, if any one can help I'd appreciate it.
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