How to root Note 7


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Apr 9, 2011
Gujarat, India
How to Root Galaxy Note 7

First of all big big thanks to @Chainfire for making this possible and effort he took to made this without own device.

Right now no multiple methods are available so writing here simple easiest method available to root Note7.

1. You will require TWRP (ignore if you already have it)

How to Flash TWRP ?
- Download Odin 3.12.3 or higher

- Next you required id TWRP recovery. If you already have one then skip this, otherwise download TWRP for your device and flash using Odin. In case Odin Fail during flash, reboot to recovery - wipe cache and try again. Here is original thread for TWRP support.

- Download Latest SuperSu 2.77 OR Newer if any available from this original thread.

- Copy SuperSu zip you have downloaded to SD card OR USB OTG drive

- Now Flashing TWRP
Open Odin - Select TWRP tar file you have downloaded above with AP tab of odin. Reboot tour device to download mode. (Switch Off device - Vol down + Power + Home - keep pressing till you show download mode screen pre message. - Press volume up when asked to continue) Now you will see downloading screen.
Connect device - Go to Option menu of Odin - Uncheck Auto reboot and keep rest of options as it is.
Now Flash (Start)
When Odin display message about flashing finished (Passed) - Disconnect the device and ling press Vol down + Power
As soon as display turns off, Press Vol Up + Power + Home.
This will boot your device to recovery and you will have TWRP instaed of stock recovery.

IMPORTANT : In case Odin say Fail while flashing TWRP, DON'T BE PANIC but simply reboot to recovery and clear cache and repeat procedure.

Select - Install then - Select Storage - here select according you have copied your SuperSu zip depending on Sd card or USB
Navigate to Supersu zip and select to flash (swipe to right)

Keep patience for few minute and reboot device (to system) when flashing done

Check Supersu app in drwaer.
Your device should have root access now.

Once you have root access DON'T FORGET TO MAKE EFS BACKUP
EFS Backup Thread.

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Aug 22, 2007
Dr.Ketan, really appreciate for your details explain for getting root, this will be the first time I did it by myself with following your instructions step by step, my 930FD just rooted and keep testing if there is any problem for it.


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Dec 13, 2012
It's kind of funny how the SD model can be rooted and keep its warranty. But the Version with the Unlocked BL wiil be void when rooted. Wish we could just combine both.
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