How to root Samsung Galaxy X Cover 4s Enterprise Edition (SM-G398F)

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Dec 24, 2016
HOW TO ROOT on our XCover4s with Android 11

Important Notes:
Due to huge differences in system partitions in the new Android version you cant root the same way as before!


1) Download the latest firmware with your region code (CSC)

2) Download the Magisk 24.1 apk file from github and install it on your phone

3) Copy the AP file of your firmware to your phone

4) Open the Magisk app, click install, tick "Recovery Mode" (because we need to patch the recovery.img) and select the AP file of your firmware. Start patching

5) Now copy the patched AP file to your PC

6) Flash the patched AP file together with the stock BL, CP, CSC

7) Congratulations!

Note: Because your root is saved in recovery.img you always have to boot with VOL-UP + HOME button + POWER button and release them after you see the boot logo. Otherwise your phone will boot over the boot image without root!
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    Guide to root XCover 4S

    If you want to root your XCover 4S (enterprise or not), follow these steps:

    1. First of all, BACK UP your data!
    2. Download ROOT (AP) file. You find download link(s) below.
    3. Update your phone to the latest firmware if you don't have it already.
    4. Enable developer options. To do that, open settings, scroll down and tap on "about phone" option. Then tap on "software information". Now tap continuously on build number until developer option is enabled. Now developer option will appear on the settings menu.
    5. Activate OEM-Unlock AND USB debugging. To do that, go to settings, scroll down and tap on "Developer options". Then tap "OEM unlocking" and "USB debugging" to ON. After that, reboot your phone to the download mode. Make sure your phone IS connected to the PC via usb-cable! To reboot download mode, press (POWER) + VOL DOWN + HOME buttons. Then choose "Device unlock mode" by pressing long(!) VOL UP and follow instructions.
    6. When you are ready, go again to the download mode. Choose this time "Continue" button by pressing "VOL UP" button only once!
    7. Open Odin (v3.13.1).
    8. Press "AP" button and choose that ROOT file you just download.
    9. Then start (It doesn't matter do you auto reboot or not, this will work anyway).
    10. After Odin passes, reboot your phone manually to recovery mode by pressing (POWER) + VOL UP + HOME buttons or just wait if you have "auto reboot" setting tickled via ODIN.
    11. If you manually reboot your phone to recovery, do wipe data/factory reset. If you reboot "automatically", your phone ask to do that anyway.
    12. After all you get to the system. Download and install magic manager!
    13. That's it, your device is rooted!

    Download links:

    Sorry my bad english! :)
    I created a Root AP flash file for Android 10. Tested it on my Xcover 4s with Android 10 and DBT(Germany) CSC.
    Here is the download link:
    Hey there,

    is there a way to root a Samsung Galaxy X Cover 4s (SM-G398F)?
    The phone is from June 2019 and runs Android 9.0.

    I haven't found anything on the forum.

    Here's a link to the Samsung website:

    Thanks in advance,
    Ok, I finally manage to root my phone! thanks!

    I have two question :
    - is it possible to re-lock the boot loader to don't have anymore the message that your bootloader is unlock when I start my phone?
    - how to un-root?

    Thank you again for the procedure.
    Do NOT relock the bootloader!

    If you lock the bootloader while the device is not fully stock, it will be a brick.

    To unroot, you need to flash your stock ROM again. The method of installing root used does not create a backup of the stock images so Magisk can not unroot itself in this case.
    im not able to unlock my OEM and nootloader never mind that I follow all instructions....what i have to do,I really need help guys,when Im tryied to root my device on download mode show me message that OEM is lock.Damn!!!!

    All Steps necessary for rooting XCOVER 4S

    ( you need ODIN to be installed )

    A) Unlock OEM
    1)Unlock Developper option
    a) Go to Settings and go to 'About phone' -> 'Software information'.
    b) Continuously tap 7 times on the ‘Build number’ to enable the Developer Options.

    2) If your phone is new, OEM option will not appear since samsung hide this option until one month after
    system first use.
    To get this option you have to:
    a) Go to 'Settings'
    b) Next, go to 'General Management' and tap on 'Date and Time'.
    c) Turn off the 'Automatic date and time'. The manual date and time settings should appear now.
    d) Tap on 'Set date' and select a date which is at least more than one month prior to the current date.
    e) Go to 'Settings' -> 'Developer options' and turn off 'Auto update system'.
    f) Next, go back to the settings screen and tap on 'Software update'.
    g) Turn off the 'Download updates automatically' option and then tap on 'Download updates manually'.
    h) Finally, reboot your phone to fix missing OEM unlock issue.

    3) Go to 'Settings' -> 'Developer options' and unlock OEM

    4) Repeat step 1) and 2) if the phone make a factory reset

    5) Now come the tricky part, Samsung have two different Download Mode, the classic one and a unlocker mod, to access this mod you have to:
    a) Open Odin on your computer
    b) Connect your USB cable to the computer only
    c) Turn off your phone
    d) Press Volum Down and home button and connect the USB cable to the phone
    e) you should see a menu for unlocking ( keep presing vol up if i remember corectly
    f) now OEM is unlock

    B) Prepare Rooting
    1) Find your phone ROM
    a) Go to Settings and go to 'About phone' -> 'Software information'.
    b) Check your phone PDA number ( G398 something )
    c) Download your ROM (

    2) Install modified ZZip ( )

    3) Get Boot.img.
    a) Uncompress your Rom. You Should Have this files:
    - AP_Something.tar.md5
    - BL_Something.tar.md5
    - CP_Something.tar.md5
    - CSC_Something.tar.md5
    - Home_Something.tar.md5
    Only AP will be use
    b) Extract AP_Something.tar.md5 with ZZip
    c) You should have boot.img.lz4
    c) Uncompress Boot.img.lz4 with ZZip
    d) You have the file boot.img

    4) Put the boot.img into the download folder of your phone

    5) Magisk boot Patch
    a) Install Magisk manager on your phone:
    b) Open magisk and tap install button
    c) In the option menu let recovery mod unchecked
    d) tap next
    e) Choose select filed
    f) Select boot.img in your download Folder
    g) Magisk will patch the boot.img and make another magisk_Something.img next to it.
    h) Take the magisk patched boot to your computer.

    C) Root the phone
    1) Compress boot.img into a .tar archive with ZZip
    2) Open Odin
    4) Check AP and choose the boot.tar
    5) Go into Download mode same method as step A.5
    6) Hit Start to flash.
    7) When it's over reboot you phone
    8) Open magisk and let it to his things

    ET VOILA, you have a rooted phone