HOW To Root Zenfone3 MAX ZC520TL ????? .... please

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Jan 22, 2005
how to root a ZC520TL easiest way

i just rooted my device using this method and it works like a charm

this is for Asus ZC520TL the WW version so you have to be on android 7

unlock your bootloader go to asus site and get the apk to do this
install MagiskManager latest version it 5.3.0 a big thank you for the guy who did this
get your boot.img you can get it from the asus site also the sdcard zip file for update the boot.img is there or use mine if you are on UL-ASUS_X008_1-WW-14.10.1708.58 version if not DONT
use the MagiskManager to patch the boot.img file it will create one name patched_boot.img

after this do on the CMD windows
adb reboot bootloader <- to get to bootloader mode
fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img <- to actual flash the file on a unlocked device
fastboot reboot <-to reboot

that is all
files from that version of the rom are here
do this at your own risk i dont care or take any responsability if anything goes wrong


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Oct 22, 2017
solution for rooting Asus zenfone 3 max

To root the Asus zenfone 3 Max I use an app that is called magisk download the ROM of my model number from the Asus page and before I had unlocked the bootloader with the tool What is on the Asus page too, The process consists of patching the boot.img file


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    HOW To Root Zenfone3 MAX ZC520TL ????? .... please
    here the my guide in italian
    Here you go translated to English with google
    1) Download the USB driver VCOM MediaTek PRELOADER this link

    unzip the zip file on your PC

    2) Go into the Control Panel, then "Hardware" and then again " device management". Here you click on the name "COM AND LPT PORT" leaving the highlighted option, you will see that at the top, under "Action", will appear in the "Add Legacy Hardware" option.

    3) Click on the following option, choose to install the hardware from a list and at this point you'll see a list of devices; select "Show all devices" and move on. Now click on your hard driver and go to manually select the USB driver folder VCOM that you unzipped earlier, here choose the subfolder Windows 7, then one of the usb2ser_Win7.inf or usb2ser_Win764.inf file, the second if you have a 64bit system (as almost all the modern pCs today), and dates ok.

    4) In the new list of items that will appear select "MediaTek PRELOADER VCOM USB Port" and finish the installation.
    NB If you have Windows 10, the entire procedure from step 2 to be made in the special mode of the digital signature off, otherwise the system detects that the driver is not signed and will not lead properly completed installation (or better to say he's brought them term, but the driver did not install properly). You can find the guide to access this special mode here

    5) now download the appropriate software for MediaTek devices called "SP Flash Tool" on this link Ds BvmNY / file.html

    and unzip the zip

    6) download the TWRP recovery for Zenfone 3 Max and the related scatter file from this link

    http: //www10.zippyshare. com / v / G0kVOAYR / file.html

    and unzip the zip file in a folder at your leisure

    7) Turn on the phone and uploaded to the internal memory of the same the appropriate file (without unzipping) found at this link

    http: / /

    8) Now open the SP Flash Tool software and the string "scatter-loading files" load the scatter file (in txt format) previously unzipped the folder, then in the menu dropdown below leave the mode "Download only" and again in "recovery" string put the check mark and clicking on the colored part without written in green (on the right) select the img file recovery ever previously decompressed. You should have a situation like this

    Now phone is turned off and unplugged from the USB port of your PC, click the Download button at the top (the one with the green arrow pointing down) and only after you connect your phone to USB. So the flash will start the recovery. At the end, and just this once, to prevent the first restart overwrites the TWRP recovery again with the original, do not immediately restart the phone but immediately TWRP revenue from the situation in which you are holding the combination of volume up + power. Move with volume in the menu selection that will appear to select recovery and confirmed access with volume down. At the request of the password, select Delete and confirm the dates of the next request writable with a swipe

    9) Now we just have to flash the file previously loaded on the internal memory (and 'important that this step you do it before leaving the recovery, otherwise the device could go bootloop when you restart). On restart you'll eventually see the app supersu and you have root privileges
    here the my guide in italian
    zc520tl no root

    I have the same problem too to my x
    zenfone 3 max
    Here the way you need to root Zenfone 3 Max

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    See the Video i post above
    Pls .someone who can teach us the procedure of rooting this device .