How to set NOVA as default launcher?

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Aug 3, 2018
I have done some googling but didnt help.

I followed this thread

I used pm disable to disable the fire launcher but it just lead to a black screen where I coudn't use home button. There was just time and "Try Alexa,remind me on Saturday to call Dad" Text. I could go to next screen by swiping left there was also some random text about a video. I can use settings but I cannot go to the home screen where all the apps are.
I had to enable fire launcher.

Did some googling and it said that we need to set NOVA as our default launcher. I checked the nova launcher and it said that it is not set as default launcher and "click here" to set up as the default launcher.
When I click it, it just goes to the settings.

Where in the settings can I make NOVA as my default launcher?

Sorry for my englando.
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Aug 19, 2020
Nova Launcher

Plug your tablet into fire toolbox click on custom launcher click drop down select nova click install it will tell you already installed then it will disable fire launcher and you are all set