How to sign Lineage for AVB? (Can't pass SafetyNet)

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Jan 27, 2013
I upgraded to official Lineage 17.1 after holding out from Oreo for a while. Everything is working perfectly, except for passing SafetyNet. CTSprofile continues to return false. After reading about the new security enhancements put into SafetyNet, I searched for a method to sign ROMs so that they would pass dm-verity and be safe to lock the bootloader, but I can't find anyone who has done it for recent ROMs.

How does one sign a custom ROM so that they can pass the bootloader's checks?

Can a Verizon Pixel that's been unlocked with the workaround be unlocked after it has been locked on a custom ROM?

Is it possible to use further tweaks on a signed and locked ROM (eg Magisk, modules, etc) ?

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