Question How to unbrick phone flashed w/ unknown command?

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Aug 16, 2022
So I flashed evergreen firmware on to my evergo phone, and it refused to boot. However, because I chose the wrong flash script, it also refused to flash anything else because the boot loader was locked. I tried overcoming this with mtkclient. However, ever since I accidentally ran the
python mtk wf preloader_evergo.bin
, it doesn't seem to be able to run anymore mtkclient commands. Even a simple
python mtg printgpt --debugmode
doesn't run at all. Could anybody please explain what the wf command does? Also how to recover my phone, if possible.
Try using the GUI of mtkclient to flash your original images if your phone gets recognized there, sometimes I need to hold the keycombo again until it fully connects with the mtkclient. Try changing USB ports as well, always prioritize the ones on the back. In the worst case scenario use your warranty.
To open the GUI use:
python mtk_gui