How To Unlock Bootloader Of Vivo Phones ?

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Jun 16, 2020
new vivo model unlocked with my guide - vivo v21e PD2107F A12 6.6.19

the key of success
1. fastboot flash xxxx yyyy.img
should start uploading, error shouldn't be immediately
2. fastboot vivo_bsp unlock_vivo
should return "failed check Signature fail"

Person with v21e used another rooted phone like me, but you can try my two terminals attack from pc (windows, linux, linux in wsl windows, etc)
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fastboot_v2 doesn't work. It waits for device. v1 works fine but no vivo_bsp command. Vivo Y15 (1901)
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Jun 13, 2022
here's an automated way to do this on windows: LINK
unzip and double-click on "unlock.bat"

for those who go in and out of edl mode and got annoyed with unlocking it manually :/


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Jul 17, 2022
Does this method(s) work for Vivo V2024 (Y51 September 2020) device?
No. Vivo developers actually updated new fastboot commands for new released phones (like mine vivo y17 released on 2019). These commands are actually old fastboot commands. I'm currently trying to unlock the boatloader with other method (modify the devinfo.img).


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Aug 4, 2022
bro its so easy just connect your phone in edl with unlock tool and choose vivo y11 2019 model and just click start if you havn't downloaded drivers just download 15 seconds adb installer unlock tool crack is working now so its your chance i have done it and sucessfully worked

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    I’ve seen a lot of users struggling around the internet to find out the way to root vivo phones.
    And, Yeah, There are a lot of tutorials available explaining how to unlock bootloader and root vivo phones, but , nearly all of them do not work.

    So, After a bit of research, here’s what I got :-

    Vivo developers modified there bootloader to used a different command for bootloader unlock/relock than the the stock android commands.

    Also, On some phones like vivo y51l (Upgrade to PDF1510_2.6.7), you'll need to upgrade to the latest version available.

    And That’s Why we need a modified fastboot binary to unlock bootloader of vivo.
    vivo_fastboot on Github
    WARNING! It’ll void your warranty.

    Follow the below steps to unlock bootloader of vivo phones :-
    I've compiled fastboot binary with necessary modifications which you can download from below

    Download vivo_fastboot For Windows
    Downloadvivo_fastboot For Linux

    Download : Vivo_fastboot_v2 :- Linux Windows
    Extract the downloaded files on your Computer and open Terminal/Command Prompt in the extracted directory

    Now power off your vivo phone and enter fastboot mode by pressing power+ vol – buttons simultaneously.


    If you are using linux then type

    sudo ./fastboot bbk unlock_vivo


    If you are using Windows then type

    fastboot bbk unlock_vivo

    Voila ! Your Vivo Phone is now Unlocked.


    If You Want to lock it again then just type

    fastboot bbk lock_vivo

    In case Of linux type

    sudo ./fastboot bbk lock_vivo

    UPDATE :- I discovered a new command for some Vivo phones, it isn't working for me but many user asked to make a fastboot binary with that command.
    The new command is fastboot vivo_bsp unlock_vivo (Type fastboot help to get list of supported commands.) If this method isn't working for you, don't worry, I have another working method ( posting soon...)

    Now you can port and flash twrp recovery and Custom Roms on your vivo devices.

    YouTube Video for unlocking vivo bootloader :
    UNOFFICIAL CM 12.1 for Vivo y51l is out, Have a look :
    Original Thread Here

    UPDATE :-
    I discovered a new method few months ago, & it works well on new vivo devices:-
    This method is unofficial & may brick your device (in 1% cases)
    I'm not responsible for any loss or harm done to your device, sdcard, PC, home, ferrari etc.
    If You are using this method to unlock bootloader, use at your own risk !

    Downloads :-
    Steps to unlock bootloader :-

    1. Extract the (You have done this already, trust me, i know you did it :)
    2. Install Qualcomm USB Driver for Qdloader 9008 mode.
    3. Get your phone, press vol up & down buttons together & connect USB at the same time.
    4. Extract your firehose file from your stock firmware (It's usually named like 'prog_emmc_firehose_****.mbn') & place it in the current directory.
    5. Check the port number your device is connected to in WIndows Device Manager. (Looks like COM*)
    6. Double Click the 'dump_devinfo.bat' file.
    7. Enter the port number (from step 5) & press enter
    8. Edit your devinfo.img using HxD Hex Editor as shown in my video (Or you can comment on my channel with a link to your devinfo.img)
    9. Double click 'unlock.bat'

    If all went good, your bootloader is unlocked now!
    Thanks me later, go break some eggs !
    Peace !

    vivo fastboot binary sources ( My GitHub ) :-

    Enable Oem unlock from developer options

    First You have to enable oem unlock from developer options


    Then download the vivo fastboot from the link above
    And follow the steps above.
    Doesn't work on vivo Y53.
    Plz help rooting vivo v7 1718.

    Thanks in advance
    vivo v5 lite

    hi can you add support vivo v5 lite in your fastboot . currenlty its not working. please help me.