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How to unlock & root Redmi 9S & 9 Pro using official tools only - fully working

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New member
May 4, 2021
Hello can someone help me? The first time I followed all the steps and it worked perfectly, but the version V12.0.6.0.QJWMIXM (MIUI12) was installed automatically and I lost the root, I tried again but in CMD whenever I try to execute the command appears <Waiting for any device> and I can't make magisk active...


New member
Jun 15, 2021
Hello there, it is possible to unlock my Redmi note 9pro without mi account sign in onto it? My rn9pro is currently in bootloop state! Help me please.


New member
Dec 17, 2015
Using the Magisk patched boot.img is giving me a bootloop during the MIUI logo. The screen brightness keeps going down and back up again.
I'm currently on V12.0.2.0.RJWMIXM
Any ideas?


New member
Dec 17, 2015
Using the Magisk patched boot.img is giving me a bootloop during the MIUI logo. The screen brightness keeps going down and back up again.
I'm currently on V12.0.2.0.RJWMIXM
Any ideas?
Solved after some hours. My Magisk modules were causing the bootloop. I forgot that they are preserved between flashes.
You can use OrangeFox's built in Magisk Manager to disable them.

EDIT: It was specifically the Universal SafetyNet Fix package. I just needed to update it.
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    How to unlock & root Redmi 9S & 9 Pro using official tools only - fully working

    MOD NOTE: This guide is only for devices with Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets, NOT MediaTek!

    This tutorial guides you through unlocking and rooting your Redmi 9 Pro & Redmi 9S (or really any Xiaomi phone that came with MIUI11 and a Snapdragon processor) using official tools with verified sources. This is much more reliable than blindly trusting shady closed-source TWRP mods, which don't fully work or flashing pre-patched boot images, which are not meant for your phone. Note that currently there is no official TWRP for any Android 10 phone.

    I have tested this myself on Redmi Note 9S Global, MIUI V11.0.8.0.QJWMIXM. Everything is working as expected, there are no issues with SU and file managers as mentioned in the other thread.

    Step 1 - unlocking the bootloader
    Skip this section if your phone has its bootloader already unlocked.

    1) Insert a valid and mobile data enabled SIM card and sign in or create a Mi Account. This is sadly necessary, as every unlock must be approved by Xiaomi's automated system. It also forces you to wait for a full week with a countdown before unlocking is allowed. This step is necessary only once for the very first time.

    2) Download Xiaomi's official unlocking tool. I encourage you to read the linked tutorial specifically the section "Unlocking Bootloader Procedure". tl;dr - you need to enable developer options, go to Settings > Additional settings > Developer options > Mi Unlock Status and apply for an unlock.

    3) Reboot to fastboot recovery mode (hold Vol- and Power when powering on the phone) and run the Mi Unlock tool on your Windows PC. After jumping through a few hoops, you should arrive at the following screen saying that you have to wait for 168 hours.


    4) Reboot the phone and keep it powered on during the following week. When 168 hours have passed, repeat step 3 and this time it should finally unlock. Note that this erases your data, which is always the case when unlocking bootloader on any Android phone.

    Step 2 - installing Magisk and patching your boot image

    1) Download the official ROM from here - make sure the model of your phone and the installed firmware EXACTLY match what you're downloading. If they don't, it will most likely NOT work correctly - bootloops, wifi not working etc.

    2) Install Magisk Manager (.apk) on your phone from the official Magisk repository.

    3) Extract boot.img (about 128MB) from the official ROM zip you downloaded and transfer it to the phone. Click "install" in Magisk Manager and point it to boot.img. This should result in a patched magisk_patched.img (about 15MB - padding was removed), transfer this file to your computer. Ideally to the Mi Unlock folder where fastboot.exe is located.

    4) Reboot your phone to fastboot recovery mode. Open a command prompt in the folder of the Mi Unlock tool and run
    fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img
    This flashes the patched Magisk-enabled bootloader to your phone.

    5) Reboot the phone and that's it! Verify root status in the Magisk Manager app.


    Other useful stuff

    Here's a link to the official and up-to-date platform tools - ADB and fastboot: https://developer.android.com/studio/releases/platform-tools
    This is the custom near-stock Android ROM I ended up using instead of the buggy MIUI ROM: https://forum.xda-developers.com/redmi-note-9-pro/development/gsi-t4105121
    There have been developments on TWRP for Android 10, but there is still no official working TWRP for devices that shipped with Android 10 - https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/...h-limited-android-10-support-and-other-fixes/ (as of August 23 2020)
    is it working good? what recovery do you use?

    There is no stable and fully working recovery for Android 10 yet, unfortunately.

    How data is used to unlock the bootloader?
    I want to root this phone.

    Since we have to have a phone service to unlock the phone, how much data is used?
    I have no cell plan and have to get a prepaid sim.
    Thx, d.

    It's hard to know for sure, because it's some proprietary Xiaomi stuff, but it seems it transferred very little data, probably just some auth tokens and such. It's quite dumb they force you to use mobile data just to unlock the bootloader.
    Allright, now I have a question of my own, the latest MIUI update has been rolled out to my device. My device is rooted as per the guide in the OP, Joyeuse version.

    Can I take this update via OTA or do I have to reflash the stock boot.img from before I take this OTA?

    Thanks and regards from the Netherlands!


    Okay, for the ones in the same situation I've managed to install the OTA without bricking / bootlooping etc. The way I've managed it is described below. Prerequisite: rooted phone with stock MIUI and stock recovery)

    I cannnot stress enough that using this guide is at your own risk. Triple check the firmware files you download because if you **** up with a firmware for a different mainboard you can potentially hard brick the device.

    1) Download the full ROM update from: https://c.mi.com/oc/miuidownload/detail?device=1900378
    2) Open the ZIP file and extract the boot.img file, transfer it to your phone / SD card.
    3) Open Magisk manager and select install (source). Point Magisk to the boot.img you've just transferred to your device and patch the boot. Magisk will create the patched boot in /0/download.
    4) Transfer the patched boot image to your PC preferably in the same directory where you keep your ADB toolkit, we'll need to flash this file later.
    5) Now back in Magisk manager select uninstall at the bottom and select "Restore Images". (source) This will restore the system so that no security checks will be tripped during the OTA.
    6) Download and install the OTA. Let the device reboot when it needs to.
    7) As soon as the device has started (which took a while in my case) you can plug in the USB cable in your PC, (administrator CMD window) and type: abd reboot bootloader. The device will enter fastboot with the communist bunny :p.
    8) Now you can flash the patched boot file which was created in step 3 and 4. Type: fastboot flash boot YOUR_MAGISK_PATCHED_BOOT.img
    9) When the flashing has completed type: fastboot reboot

    And your phone is up to date and rooted again.


    Please stop playing with your phone life!
    You are on RN9 that is Mediatek powered and not Qualcomm as S and P type are.
    Be patient and wait for a MTK rom release.

    Well the title says this works for the 9 model so i wanted to contribute clarifing it does not. Only for 9s and 9pro
    Thanks, I'm not touching the recovery.

    But you didn't answer the main question, does this rooting method works for the 12.0.3 version too (stock ROM and recovery)?