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How to Upgrade LG G3 Stylus to Stock Lollipop Official

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Nov 28, 2013
I know this page is in english, lo estas conectando en modo download? Sino es asi, oprimiendo el boton de volumen arriba y le conectas el cable usb, sin soltar el boton de volumen hasta que salga un logo como de dos flechas girando en su propio eje.

Si y nunca funciono el servidor, siempre salia el error, al final me di por vencido y no le pude hacer downgrade tampoco... Gracias de todos modos :cowboy:


Jan 4, 2015
Si y nunca funciono el servidor, siempre salia el error, al final me di por vencido y no le pude hacer downgrade tampoco... Gracias de todos modos :cowboy:
Huuu entonces ya no podre hacerle downgrade iba bien con kitkat pero desde que actualizo anda laguiento. No se porque la empresa LG saca esas versiones de android todas mal logradas con bug y lag. Escarmentado quede y LG sale de mi lista de proximo smartphones.
Ni que decir de instalar un recovery para instalar alguna version de cyanogenmod. Pesima eleccion los LG. Ahora mejor me fijo que marcas se les puede hacer root y un recovery para despues meterle una custom rom.

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Aug 29, 2014
hello please help my LG G3 Stylus' front cam suddenly inverted. I tried to clear its data but it is still inverted. My phone is running android Lollipop. PLease help


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Dec 30, 2011
Is this thread maybe alive? If so, I'm done flashing the stock lollipop firmware. After setting up everything like accounts, apps, etc.., restarted the phone and it goes on bootloop. What?!?!? Newly flashed firmware and bootlooped!!!

Anyone has an idea on this?

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    Upgrade LG G3 Stylus to Stock Lollipop Official


    Apriansyah Bintang

    Alhamdulillah, those were the words in my mouth when it landed on LG G3 Stylus "in the middle of the fence." Finally "google potion" has come to us. Ok do not dwell upon this subject anymore! let's rock. But, there has to be understood first before upgrading this device to you who are still newbie :


    1. Is the stock firmware of Lollipop are official? yes.

    2. If the firmware are official then why can't upgrade via On The Air (OTA) / automatic updates of device? not yet, because even though official however allocated for regional Malaysia, while Indonesia or other countries untill the author post this article currently there is no clarity when it will be given, only the sweet promises from the LG. CAUTION: now you can upgrade to Lollipoop via On The Air (OTA).
    3. Is the manual upgrade as way below will shorten the life of our device ? Nope, there is no relation.
    4. Is the manual upgrade as this will void the warranty ? of course, but do not worry just flash again to Kitkat then it will go back again to a virgin state.
    5. Is the upgrade Indonesian Firmware must be via On The Air (OTA)? nope, you can flash it, and the link of Indonesian firmware is in the under point A. UPGRADE PREPARATION.


    1. Is using the firmware will be a significant improvement ? not entirely .
    2. Is 3g signal is more stronger ? the author use “tri” and “simpati” cards. The signal of tri in kitkat for Bekasi (west java, Indonesia) area’s only 1-2 strips, but in lollipop at least 2 strips and 4 strips at maximum. While simpati in kitkat and lollipop both 5 strips.
    3. If we use the Antutu Benchmark then what is the score? If the Kitkat ranging from 17,000 to 18,000 so if Lollipop minimal ranging from 19370-20447.


    4. Does performance increased? I feel it is a litte bit increase.
    5. Is the battery getting longer ? a little bit different with kitkat, it depends on usage.
    6. Is interface (user interface ) to change ? not significant, may be only in screen lock, recent, navigation key, which changed to the style of Lollipop .



    7. It will support USB On The Go ( OTG ) ? no, not yet.
    8. Does the RAM increased ? nope, there is no change, but multitasking becomes better if the entire animations in our device turned off.
    9. Does it affect internal memory becomes more space ? nope, even on the contrary, the Kitkat internal memory which is used for sytem amount 3.7GB but at Lollipop reach 4.21GB.
    10. Is there an Indonesian language option ? Yeup, even the choice of languages becomes more choice.






    11. Does using Indonesian regional firmware for non Indonesian regional will impact influence on the received signal ? i think it doesn't.
    12. Does rooting the device must be? Nope, doesn't.
    13. Does unroot the device must be? Nope, doesn't.
    14. Would the device can be rooted ? Yes, only one methode for now, use king root version 4.0 : www.kingroot.net
    15. Is this upgrade will delete internal memory ? yes, it will. Than backup first please.
    16. Is this upgrade will delete external memory ? nope.
    17. How lerge is the size of the firmware in a KDZ ? 893MB.
    18. Is the pixel density will increase ? nope.
    19. There Is bugs on Lollipop ? Yeup, GPS not working properly and there is no solution yet..
    20. Is the result of photo more better ? a little bit increase about 5-10 %, a better result when the light is less when we using the kitkat with a flash lamp then the result becomes chaotic, ugly saturation, blur. But now it is litle bit better.


      Compare the photo above is taken from the stock camera of LG G3 Stylus Kitkat when the light level is very lacking at 08:00 pm ; the left does taken using blits (flash lamp) while the right photo does not use blits.

      Now compare the photos below was taken at 10:00pm with stock camera of LG G3 Stylus lollipop in the same condition; with a worse light at 10.00 pm, the left does taken using blits (flash lamp) while the right photo does not use flash lamp.

    21. Does the input / output sound more better ? no changes.
    22. The other Applcations does not change....







    23. etc



    1. The LG Driver must be installed, download here.
    2. Download flashing tools here.
    3. Download the Lolipop firmware, Malaysian Regional here or here and put it on the same folder with flashing tools.
    4. Or download the Lollipop Indonesian Firmware : here and put it on the same folder with flashing tools.


    1. Turn off the device.
    2. Go into Download Mode/Firmware Update press volume up and plug the usb cable immediately.
    3. Choose CSE mode not Normal Mode.
    4. Than flash it with lollipop firmware that you've downloaded.
    5. For those of you who are confused how to flash please look at this link or this for the Facebook Group and this for you an Indonesian.
    6. Still Confused? look at this video on youtube.
    7. Done, the device will reboot twice. Do not affraid it's normal.
    8. Congratulation for you... do not forget Your Thumb please.
    9. Please write the source when you copying to other blogs etc.
    10. Thanks for Reading my Article. :cowboy:
    Finally we have Lollipop! I've did this 2 days ago and the phone works perfect although i'm from Chile and the indonesian firmware runs correctly so :D:D:D:D
    I only hope that some developer can find the way to enable recovery :(
    Is not possible to root the phone yet?

    I've try many way to root it, but always fail. :crying: I hope some developer can find how to root it and to enable a custom recovery. :rolleyes: :confused:

    Your thumb please... :cowboy:
    thanks ;) worked on my g3 stylus (d690n) gives the same error above and my gps works.
    anyone sucessfully rooted it?
    lg one click root failed for me :'(

    I was with the Kingroot (the link is on the own post), then I flashed the rom again and it's not working anymore. Funny.
    I got root with iRoot too, but even the own iRoot apps couldn't got root permissions, which means it couldn't gave permissions to any other app too.
    I guess that even if you get, you won't be able to update the su binaries easily, so you will have to get used with the Chinese apps.

    Gps is working fine to me either, seems even faster than before.
    Yeup, GPS not working properly and there is no solution yet.

    My GPS works Great after update to Lollipop, and i have root in my device. Greetings from México.
    Estimado, ya hay LP oficial para d693 checa el grupo en facebook LG G3 Stylus en español

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