How to upgrade with the latest I-mate Jam ROM --GUIDE--

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Dec 4, 2009
Need help for mda compact Hand on T-mobile loge on starting screen

Firstly: HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

After some searching and trail by error testing I have sucesfuly upgrade my German T-Mobile MDA with the latest Jam rom from the I-mate website.

ROM version 1.03.00 WWE
Radio version 1.01.00
ExtROM version 1.03.141 WWE

I am not resposible for any damages !!! It should work perfectly !!

First Step:

You need to download the latest ROM (English version!!!).

After download run it.
When you see a screen with "welcome to device software update utility", do nothing and go to your TEMP directory of windows. I you don't know where to look do a search for this file name: MaUpgradeUt.exe
When you have located the directory that hold this file copy the complete contents, 8 files. To a directory on your PC eg: c:\jam

Then cancel/close the "welcome to device software update utility"

Second step:

You need to find out the Operator code and language of you device.
If you have a MDA Compact from germany, the Operator code is: T-MOB101

If you have a German language ROM your code is: GER
If you have a UK ROM the Language code is: WWE

Third Step:

Download xda3nbftool.exe, and put it in the same directory as the 8 ROM files.

Fourth Step:

Build a batch file, name it change.bat or whatever you like in the directory where you put ROM files.

Paste the following in it:
------------------------------- paste the data below ------------------------
xda3nbftool -x ms_.nbf 0x20040522
xda3nbftool -x nk.nbf 0x20040521
xda3nbftool -x radio_.nbf 0x20040523

xda3nbftool -so T-MOB101 -sl WWE
xda3nbftool -so T-MOB101 -sl WWE
xda3nbftool -so T-MOB101 -sl WWE

xda3nbftool -c -u
xda3nbftool -c -u
xda3nbftool -c -u

xda3nbftool -x ms_.nbf 0x20040522
xda3nbftool -x nk.nbf 0x20040521
xda3nbftool -x radio_.nbf 0x20040523
del *.nba
--------------------- paste the data above --------------------

This data is for a MDA Compact from T-mobile, with a UK language.
If you have a German Language change the WWE to GER in the file.

Fifth Step:

Go to a Command Promt and change to the directory you have places all the files in. Then run your batch file. It give's some errors maybe about a password but ignore those, it works !

Sixth step:

Run the MaUpgradeUt.exe program in the directory, it should start the UPGRADE. If not then you have not changed the language or operator code sucsesfully.

Last step:

If you have reset your device after the upgrade, be sure to skid the Extended ROM install. Install the apps you need manualy from the EXT-Rom. Or you will end up with some arabic nonsense. :)

Some tips:

If you want to find out your Operator Code and Language of you device:

In the directory you should have a file called: GetDeviceData.exe copy this file to your device. On the device run it, it looks like it does not work but that is fine! Now go with you PC to your windows directory on your device. You should find a file called DeviceData.txt there. Copy it to your PC and open it with notepad.

You should see something like this:
PM10A 0 A WWE E T-MOB101

1.01.00 0 0 1.03.141 1.00.10 WWE

The PM10A is the Device code
The WWE stands for English language, if you have a different language it hould say so. German would be GER.
The T-MOB101 is the Operator code.

If you have different info there use it for the batch file. Language an operator code.

Good luck everybody !!! And I will try to provide more info if needed !

Sir my name is omairbutt and i am new on this forum i just need help for my mda compact hang on t-mobile logo on starting screen how can i upgrade the rom on it when i on it show's only t-mobile logo and some information likethis..

R 1.12.00
G 1337.42
D 1.12.00 WWE

i don't know what is the version and what is the language on it but i think it's from uk now please tell me where i got the rom or upgrading software to upgrade my mda t-mobile please help me i am just waiting for your reply...

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