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Feb 25, 2010
Jacksonville, fl
I would like to start a thread that will consist of example launchers. No, not launcher themes but unique alternative homes that we have not seen yet. For example the kite ui or lifescreen launchers. Here I would like to see what people have designed that they think would make a great alternative launcher. The goal of this is to get everyone involved to create a perfect home replacement.

I do not want this thread to discuss adw nor pro launcher themes or launchers in the market in general since I want this to be new ideas.

How can you make this?


I used fireworks to make this in 15 minutes. This its nothing but making an image with the program so please don't ask about building any launchers until we have a few listed. Above is an example to show kind of what I am looking for. I know it sinks but it is there to get the point across. So hop on photoshop, illustrator, or what ever else and CREATE!

What I will do is try to gather some info for you guys like screen resolution, icons, wallpapers, ect. Right now I am on my phone so it is a but difficult.


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Feb 17, 2010

Hope you "get the picture" right ;)

(wanted to create a new topic but this came up in search results so if nobody gets interested it'll be tidier)

Would add a link to auto-refreshed current picture (created in google docs ;) ) but, ehh, the eight post limit, please someone repost it with an inpost picture :)
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I made these awhile ago when I had my Cliq XT, Since I am not a expert at using photoshop nor a graphic artist I'm afraid that the oooohh ahhh factor is not there for most of them, however I think the concept still gets across. I like simple homescreens =]


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