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Apr 21, 2016
Mobile games are a huge hit amongst people from all ages. The most common problem faced by mobile game app developers is that there is very little provision to make profit and this is the reason why most of the newbie end up running out of the competition. Making a strong provision for continuous cash flow ensures long term stability and sustenance.

Developing a game in itself is an arduous task; it requires imagination, planning and execution. A normal sort of an idea will never let you develop a permanent or long term user base; you need to cull out something unique and captivating. Selecting the correct OS, getting hold of an interesting design and UI and bringing in several other factors help you create a successful gaming app. Now the ultimate question which pops out here is that “how are you going to make a profit out of your product?”

Well it’s a fact that none of us work just for the sake of working; we all expect a reward in the form of profit. Monetization becomes the last but most important part of developing a game based application. Let us take you through some of the best ideas to monetize your app and get in a good turnover.

Made for the user: The first question you ask yourself when developing a game is about the target audience. Basically what you are developing is meant for your end users and not for you. The apt genre and target audience go hand in hand and then only you can ensure a long term user base. A popular game will automatically bring a larger crowd and hence create opportunities to earn.
Surprise your users: Who doesn’t love surprises? If you are continuously offering something novel to your users with regular updates then you can assure yourself with a strong user base. People will keep on coming back and take keen interest in getting the app updated because of the surprise element.

Bonus on referrals: Well this has become quite a bit common and effective too. You can put in some incentive for your users so that they refer your game app to their friends and family. This will again bring a lot of genuine installs and create a large user base pretty much quickly.

Effectiveness of the Freemium Model: Freemium has become quite a common internet term these days, it basically means providing basic things for free and the premium ones can be used at a price. The first three points have already given you an idea to create a large user base, now offering a freemium model will let you have monetary conversions. A good game will pull in some of the fans to purchase the premium offerings.

In-app purchases are a must: Since we are talking about monetization, the word ‘purchase’ holds a lot of importance. You must provide for in-app purchases to ensure that at least some people from your user base are purchasing something or the other. It might be a third party app or product, but, in this way you can build up on a good section of commission based earnings.

Discounts! Somebody who has always wanted to purchase something but couldn’t do it because of a higher price would definitely understand the importance of discounts. Offering a discount on the most sought after products in your range will keep on encouraging a lot many users to spend money.

Removal of limitations: Your game is an absolute hit, people love it but then there are some annoying hindrances like advertisements, zero lives, turns or even energy. Now you can bank on this opportunity and get such limitations removed for a paltry sum of money. Most of the users would spend.

Social Gaming: It is a human habit, when we are with our social groups we tend to spend more. Now if your game app gives an opportunity to function socially then people can be lured to spend more. If their friends are scoring high, then they will definitely want to beat them at any cost! Sounds clever?!

Merchandises: Lastly, once a game is quite famous, users do want to get hold of merchandises and accessories from the same game. Angry birds is a classic example, people buy mugs, apparels, footwear and other accessories just for the sake of love for their favorite game.

These are some of the most important methods of channelizing funds to your bank accounts. Gaming is a great sector to invest in, but the shortage of funds tends to shallow down the foundation of growth. Some of these strategies definitely will help monetizing funds.

If you believe that you have developed a good game then you should contact me now to start promoting your app around the word!
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