Question How's the battery life & SOT after weeks of usage? [S21 FE Snapdragon ver.]

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Apr 20, 2011
How do you all get those crazy long work times? I have S21 FE Snapdragon since 2 weeks. AoD is turned on at day and screen has adaptive refreshrate with Galaxy MaxHZ app. The best I can do is 2-3h SOT and after 24h phone needs charging.


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Oct 30, 2021
Every app I don't use I have put to deep sleep. I have about 84 apps that are permanently shut off which contributes to the SOT. Also, I never fast charge, 5G is always off and dark mode is always on.


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Sep 8, 2010
Whats wrong with my s21 fe all day in eco mode with 60hrz and there is results really different than othrs


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Dec 25, 2022
I have this phone and the battery is okay. If you're on wifi it is amazing but you use any data it drains a lot faster. I'd get like 4-6 hours of SOT on data and 6- even 10 hours of SOT on wifi!


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May 2, 2022
On my S21 FE the battery drains very fast, even though it's connected to wifi (as opposed to 5G or LTE) most of the time, and almost all apps are on battery "restricted" mode and "background data usage" is turned off (and I had to manually go through each app to toggle those settings). This is in additon to the touch response (or lack thereof) glitches.


Dec 25, 2022
Does anyone have a Snapdragon variant of the S21 FE? I have it and the battery is horrendous. I've been tweaking many settings from simple battery settings, all the way into developer settings. There's been very little change in performance throughout my testing. A friend of mine on Twitter found a way to combat this issue but when I alter my settings to match his, it doesn't improve nearly as much as his did. He can get over 7 hours of SOT compared to the previous 4_5 we would both get. We also have similar scenarios in which we use mostly Wi-Fi compared to data (and 5G). I really hope future patches fix this. The January patch came in just after a week from getting One UI 5. You can tell the update was rushed as there's many new bugs. When selecting something like files or images, the checkmark just disappears. When connecting to a Bluetooth device, it will try and try for as long as the phone runs. Every now and then the fingerprint activation animation will freeze. Yeah... Samsung has a lot to fix, hopefully it is all fixed and more with One UI 5.1, when the S21 FE gets it. (Thx for reading, this is so damn long...)
I have an A53 that has great battery life, and compared to that phone the S21 FE isn't that much far off (Both are on Android 13). I'm not a huge power user so the S21 FE can easily last me 3 days or more. I do have the refresh rate set to 60...120 looks amazing, but not worth the battery drain to me. Plus, I have it heavily debloated with Univeral Android Debloater. I love the phone, it's fast and no issues with battery life at all. I always have Wi-Fi, mobile data & battery saver on, & Bluetooth and NFC off. Overnight idle drain is between 2-4%.

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    Edit: Okay thank you, I have found that option :)

    How to use bixby routines to switch b/w 60 and 120Hz. I couldn't find any such option.

    Can u plz share screenshot or tell the option?
    You set your default refresh rate to 120Hz
    Then you set up your application routine where you put in all the aps and set them to 60hz
    With the exception of those you want to still run on 120Hz ofcourse

    That is how i have it setup
    Are u using 120Hz refresh rate?

    I am using bixby routines to switch between 120 and 60hz. Mainly the UI is 120hz and apps that don't cross 60fps like streaming services or some games are just set to 60hz.
    I probably could get 9 hours, but I am using battery saving mode and limiting cpu usgae to 70%. It still is really fast. To preserve the battery I limit it to 85% and from 85% to 35% it last about 4.5 hours. Meanwhile I have GPS and Bluetooth on all the time. One pro tip if one wants still smooth experience with the 60Hz change the animation scale in the developer settings to 0.5.