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    What does this do?
    It essentially converts your Optimus G into a full-blown Nexus 4 8gb. It remaps all partitions to the Nexus 4, overwrites all AT&T firmware with Nexus stuff, all the Nexus partitions, etc. Even the bootloader is overwritten by the Nexus 4 bootloader. Bootsplash becomes Google's logo, etc. Essentially it replaces every single thing on your current phone with its Nexus 4 equivalent. With this, you can flash anything from the Nexus 4 forums, including all of their ROMs, kernels, and more with little to no issues. You can even run stock AOSP Nexus 4. Essentially, it converts your entire phone into a Nexus 4. Nothing is needed to install Nexus 4 zips: its just like normal. But after you run the process, everything you do will be from the Nexus 4: things like recovery will have to be their Nexus 4 versions, etc. Besides the external look, your phone will essentially become a Nexus 4.

    So to be clear, it converts your phone into a Nexus 4 and allows you to use every single thing they have.

    -LTE will not work until you flash the AT&T modem (instructions coming soon about this)
    -Volume keys are switched in mako ROMs (so, volume up is really volume down, volume down is really volume up)
    -SDCard isn't mounting properly
    -Only 8gb of the 16gb of internal storage is displayed as being available
    -Capacitive buttons aren't working, on screen buttons only for now (the capacitive buttons dont even light up or activate... its as if they arent even there)
    -Probably more

    WARNING: THIS IS SO UBER-HACKY IT IS INCREDIBLE. This device was never meant to do this, and its essentially one giant hack. The device was never meant to run with Nexus 4 partitions. In addition, flashing anything via LGNPST is always risky, so YMMV. Be cautious, and don't blame anyone but yourself if something goes wrong. You are the one taking the chance in flashing this. This replaces every single one of your partitions with a Nexus 4 partition. It is far more risky than just a normal ROM flash. Be careful and backup whatever you need.


    1) Go here: and find the download link on the page
    2) Extract the .tot file out of the zip file you just downloaded
    3) Rename the .tot file to have a file extension of .bin
    (so now the name should be LGE960AT-00-V10c-NXS-XX-OCT-25-2012-JVP15Q-USER+0.bin)
    4) Install LGNPST if you haven't already, and the necessary drivers
    5) Start LGNPST
    6) Connect your phone by putting it into download mode and connecting via USB cable
    You can do this by holding Power + Volume Up + Volume Down
    7) Wait until your device is recognized by your PC
    8) Where it says DLL File select the lgnpst_ls970.dll one
    9) In the file selector below that, select the .bin file you renamed before
    10) Start the flashing process
    11) Let it complete. It should hit 85% and then come up with an error saying the device was disconnected; thats fine, just close out of LGNPST
    At this point your phone should be booting with the Google Nexus boot animation
    12) Wait for it to boot up. If it doesn't boot in 5 minutes or so, or you just want to start fresh, continue on. If it boots up and you are happy with it, continue to the "Further Notes" section of this guide.
    13) If it isn't booting, get into the Nexus bootloader by holding Volume Up + Power.
    14) Make sure that "FASTBOOT MODE" is in red on the bootloader and connect your phone again
    15) Run the following fastboot command:
    fastboot -w
    This will wipe ALL of your data. Essentially it is a factory reset.
    16) Press the power button to select "START" in the bootloader and cross your fingers
    17) It should boot now all the way through.

    Further Notes:
    - You can now flash anything Nexus and it should work aside from the issues mentioned above
    - Flashing other kernels isn't really recommended; I've had some touch issues with some of them, but there should be no harm in trying
    - To install a custom recovery:
    Download any Nexus 4 recovery you want (I prefer TWRP)
    Reboot into the bootloader using Power + Volume Up
    Run this command:
    fastboot flash recovery <path-to-recovery.img>

    How do I return to stock?
    Download this zip:
    Follow the same procedure as above in flashing the .bin in LGNPST
    It should return your device to 100% factory state

    Future Notes:
    I will continue to work on this method. I will be working on a modified mako tree and fix all the issues that are currently present (hopefully) as mako is fully open source. I have already fixed the volume keys bug (was an easy one, thanks SnowLeopardJB) and I think I also have fixed SDCard mounting. LTE still has to be tested as I am not in an LTE area, but if it isn't working (which it 99.9999% wont be) there's an easy fix for it, from what I hear as well. I'll post workarounds tomorrow when I get some time.

    Donate to Team Codefire's Members and Devs! They are:
    g33k3r - Donate to Lmarazzi86 [at] gmail [dot] com on paypal!

    Donate to Team Nocturnal:

    xboxfanj for the original idea
    SnowLeopardJB for testing on AT&T
    sextape for the original tot from the Nexus 4 and LGNPST
    XsMagical from Team Nocturnal for buying me this phone
    Droidiac13 from Team Nocturnal for buying me this phone
    ChongoDroid from Team Nocturnal for buying me this phone
    Shelnutt2 for being a boss
    And all the rest of Team Codefire for their fantastic work on unlocking this device
    This would have been nothing without xboxfanj. Please find him and thank him. I am simply continuing down this path to fix the outstanding bugs this has.
    Also thank g33k3r! He was the first one to try it on AT&T and got it working!
    Hi there everyone.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we will *not* be supporting this method with Team Codefire. Project FreeGee will not support this hack either, as this makes changes to your device's GPT partitioning table-- which if the bootloader decides to use the backup GPT (at the true end of the EMMC) it will completely erase your primary GPT and overwrite it with the backup GPT (which includes the ATT Optimus G partition layout).

    This will cause your device to no longer boot, *permanently*, as LGNPST mode is in SBL3, which is referenced to by the N4 firmware's primary GPT (at the beginning of your EMMC).

    There are ways for us to detect that you have done the conversion, and we will *not* be supporting your device in any way/shape/form if you manage to brick it with this method.




    There's a reason we didn't publicize this when we found this during the initial rooting of the Optimus G, as it has a *very* high risk of brickage.

    Also, we cannot link to LGNPST here publicly. I do not want a letter from LG's lawyers in my inbox, as it is a stolen piece of software.

    On a lighter note, let it be known that we all appreciate the hard work and ingenuity of XDA and the public in general-- we'd just prefer if we're all on the same page. I'd rather have one community united rather than multiple microcommunities that are disjoint in their agreements and official stances.

    Please contact us ( IOMonster, or Shellnutt2, or g33k3r ) before releasing software that has a great potential to harm user's devices.

    I wholeheartedly recommend that people not use this, but support this developer in his development process-- let's focus our efforts on something more productive, and less dangerous.


    TheCubed (aka IOMonster)
    So.. I guess those folks have just been uhh... on vacation for 3 weeks while the last 62 pages happened, right? :silly:

    That's the problem with the world today, everyone is entitled to an opinion even when it's wrong. A 50%-working ROM from an entirely different hardware platform gets more recognition, acclaim and effort than something 95% complete for the same platform. And people wonder why they call them 'hacks'.

    I'm a high school junior who has 6 Advanced Placement Classes in school, and also I've had the SATs this past January. Unfortunately, this isn't going to get me anywhere in life, I do it for fun. I don't get paid, I don't get anything from this besides pursing a hobby of mine. For the past 3 weeks, I had midterms for those 6 AP Classes, along with my other 3 classes, and I had SATs, a test that determines where I go in my life. Excuse me for caring about what my future is going to be instead of bringing you guys a tiny fix for your phone that otherwise would have been perfectly fine running stock, which is what your phone would have been without any of the other awesome developers here on XDA. If you notice my other XDA activity, you will realize that I usually update my things really often, but for the past month I've not released anything for the multitude of devices I work with, for these very same reasons.

    And please, show me the 95% complete AOSP ROM you are talking about for the phone? I personally don't see one yet. It has not gotten any recognition besides a few sites, and no one told them to post it, the sites posted it themselves. Get off your high horse. No one is asking you to install this. In fact, please, I beg you to NOT install this, since you seem to hate it so much.

    Good day, sir.
    This rewrites your partitions so you will lose everything and it could brick you. To go back to stock or a stock based ROM, you will need to LGNPST a stock build.

    While it is amazing to see AOSP, it is very risky and I would recommend waiting until a more reliable method (which the other team, which I am part of, is working on). However, if you cannot resist the urge and flash it, whatever happens is your responsibility. If you brick, don't say I/we didn't warn you.