[HOWTO][TWRP][ROOT] ZTE quest N817 with locked bootloader

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The N817 is definitely a direct variant of the ZTE Tempo N9137. Ive got 7.1.1 & update the firmware all it can. I was thinking of modifying the firmware by flashing but I am unable to get into fastboot. Ive gotten into FTm mode tried kingo kingroot, and iroot. Ive tried disabling the hardware force protection by adb reboot force encryption mmvcsp. I removed it (I think) and then ran the above apps with no success.


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Sep 21, 2021
Wow, thanks.

I was able to port KonstaT's CWM for the kis3 to this device and it works almost flawlessly, but when I tried to do the same with TWRP I just got a white screen and had to pull the battery. This boots fine, so I'm interested in taking it apart and seeing what you changed.

External SD card doesn't work on my phone. Since I plan on taking it apart anyway I'll look at the fstab files, if I figure it out I'll be sure to share my changes.
Does Magisk work? If so, do I have to use the MediaTek patched version? Do I need to flash from recovery or use patched boot.img?

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    First off doing this will void your warranty and can brick your device. Following these simple steps should work for you. I will state here and further down, make sure you download all programs needed and both recovery.img and recovery_orig.img. I am in no way resposible for your device being bricked.

    **Only thing I have not tested is the external sd card, I make no promises that it works. I only have 1 sd micro card its installed in my main device. So install the recoveries and supersu to your internal sdcard.

    This is for assurance wireless, I have seen one or two other n817 devices if the specs are the same, they "should" work with this twrp, but use partition backup and restore by wanam on Play store to get a recovery.img for your device. I do not use this program for system back up, for some reason it does not work properly but its fine for boot,aboot, recovery and other smaller partitions.

    This is a ported twrp from kis3 twrp version 3.0.2-0 by KonstaT from here http://konstakang.com/devices/kis3/TWRP/. Also this version of chainfire su SR3-SuperSU-v2.79-SR3-20170114223742 download from here https://download.chainfire.eu/1021/. This twrp recovery has Supersu folder but I still installed the zip from recovery to be sure.

    The twrp n817 recovery named: recovery.img along with the original n817 recovery named: recovery_orig.img go here https://github.com/jag9906/n817_twrp

    Other programs needed [ROOT]Rashr flash tool, online nandroid backup *root*, SD maid from Play Store. The Rashr flash tool is required, you can use any back up you wish, I prefer SD maid for cleaning up system and removing/freezing programs you can use any you use, this is to remove your temp root after recovery and supersu is installed.

    **Again I am stating here the Rashr flash tool is required this will allow you to install the recovery.img with a locked bootloader. This is a must to install this twrp recovery. The twrp app will not work until you have supersu installed. There are other flash tools, but this worked flawless with kingo so its the only one I will support for this guide. If you use another flash tool its on you.

    First make a back up prior to installing the twrp recovery. Use the online nandoird back up of all partitions I save them as twrp. If you have external SD card you can do all at once if not do all but data and system then copy to your computer and then back up system folder. Your choice on data, I back up my apk so never data.

    Next run Rashr flash tool from Play store the first option is recovery from storage, choose this option then go to your location on sdcard and select recovery.img hit ok it will take about 10 to 15 seconds and ask if you want to reboot into recovery, hit yes and then your device will reboot into recovery. Once loaded swipe and go to install, top left find your SR3-SuperSU-v2.79-SR3-20170114223742.zip file and select that, then swipe to install. Once finished hit reboot and system.

    Then run SD Maid or any root tool to uninstall you have. You can now delete/remove Kingo or any root you used prior to installing the recovery and have supersu by chainfire as your root for the device.

    You now have a twrp recovery, and chainfire's supersu installed on your n817 device.

    thanks to KonstaT and Chainfire for the hard work they have done.
    Well everyone I finally got the cm11 completed for this phone. I will be testing it for now. If anyone else wants to test it let me know and I will be willing to share it. I will post updates about it.
    Could I get a copy? Would be good to have at this point

    I'll send you the link in pm since I cant post links. It's 3.4 gigs so expect it to take some time.

    If you need only boot.img or system.img etc use diskinternals linux reader and mount the img and it will show every partition and pick for example system and right click and make .img file and your good to go
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    Does anyone have the stock rom?? The recovery bricked my assurance n817.Please help

    I did a full backup of my zte n817. it's in .img format. pm me and I'll send it to my google drive and give you the link. Do you know what partition goes where? I also have that info too !! After 3 bricked phones I have learned somewhat of a lesson
    Ok here's the update with the cm11 rom for this device . I fixed the black screen issue and now im just waiting for this to finish up and it should be good. It should be done in a hr or 2 so just hang in there. We r so close to a working cm11 rom for this slow phone. As soon as it gets done I'll post my results