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HP touchpad hardware diagnostics on first boot

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Senior Member
Jul 3, 2010
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
that is the standard hardware testing and calibration menu for the TP, all of them have it, and it sometimes runs on BNIB touchpads on first power up.

if you want to access it again, fully power off, and i believe it was hold POWER, VOL-DOWN, HOME BUTTON

it doesnt work if you have moboot/cyanogen installed tho

also, youre right, you cant find it ANYWHERE on the webs :p thats bizarre

i actually found it my first time by accident, if the above combo deosnt work, try other button holds at boot


Apr 7, 2011
Three-finger salute works on v3.0.2, but after update to v3.0.4 seems gone. Is it still accessible?

P.S. Anybody else have a light sensor not work before updating?