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HTC 10 updates thread

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Aug 7, 2013
Gmail doesn't want to sync, it says it has issues with play services, I wonder if it's because of the play services version is incorrect? Anyone who is on stock Oreo can you tell me the version number of play service is installed?


Jan 18, 2018
I just replaced battery after 2,5 year and the phone working good as new. I'm on stock Oreo and battery last about 4-4,5h sot. And the phone seems faster. I think i will use him for another 1,5-2 years


Jan 18, 2018
Where did you gt the battery from and how did you replace it? Any youtube videos?

I didn't do myself because it is too dificult to do.
I take away my phone to offical HTC service and they replace my for about 35$. Even they said to me you do it on your own risk, there is a chance to broke a screen. But they done it perfectly and phone looks as new


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May 18, 2010
Google Pixel 5
I didn't do myself because it is too dificult to do.
I take away my phone to offical HTC service and they replace my for about 35$. Even they said to me you do it on your own risk, there is a chance to broke a screen. But they done it perfectly and phone looks as new

Dang, wish I could have done this. Contacted HTC and won't touch saying because it's EOL.

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    Now that I have everyones attention...

    This thread has turned into a cesspool of nonsense, I own this device and it's getting old having to sift through 80 pages of BS to find what I'm looking for.

    This IS the Update thread.. Please stay on topic only make posts relevant to updates.
    This IS NOT the complaint thread...please take those post elsewhere...maybe someone can open a Complaint thread in the General section.
    This IS NOT a Q&A/Help me thread, there is a whole Q&A section for those posts. Also there is an n00b Friendly Ask any question thread for those posts.
    This IS NOT an Off Topic thread, please take those posts elsewhere.

    To be respectful to everyone please stay on topic.

    From this post on, anything not update related will be removed.

    Another option would be to leave this thread for the nonsense and have a new pristine Update thread opened...if we go this route I would like to ask @Kisakuku to undertake this as he/she is on top of all the update that come out almost immediately.

    Thanks for understanding and carry on,
    Don't read it then. It's not bothering anyone is it.

    Firstly, you're trolling... so your post does not belong here.
    Never getting a HTC ....

    Secondly, unless earbuds have started getting OTA updates...your post does not belong here.

    Thirdly, not only am I a Moderator but I am a owner/user of the HTC 10 and I know I can't be the only one that's tired of reading through 80 pages of BS just like the stuff you posted, to find something relevant.

    Fourthly if you don't have anything relevant to this thread to contribute please move along.
    HTC US Unlocked Oreo RUU 3.16.617.2_R3

    U.S. Unlocked HTC 10 Oreo

    This is Full signed/Encrypted RUU Zip for 3.16.617.2 Revision 3

    2PS6IMG_PERFUME_WL_O80[email protected]60322_CNV_0.77_002_release_520336_combined_signed_2.zip


    Lets not discuss the importance of updates here. People who spend over 500€/500$ should not be worried about getting the most essential support by their manufacturer - security patches. Not receiving any updates for over 6 months is just not understandable, when the US customers are receiving them - period! No problem when HTC communicates such problems with their paying customers. But just leaving them with chat-bot answers is not enough. I paid hundreds of € to be in the circle of top tier customers and not to feel like I bought a phone from a noname manufacturer from China.
    And one more question: those people who updated to official oreo have the same fused and production flags. Anyone knows something about that?

    This keeps being asked, so I will go ahead and post here more information then you probably want. :p

    Fused is simply the new emulated storage handler, instead of Vold/Vfat/Fat32
    adb shell
    As you'll see, Disk Free reveals this "new" entry: (available space will vary per device obviously)

    /dev/fuse 192205824 29026176 163179648 16% /storage/0E14-125B

    Google decided to use FUSE as a frontend to actual data stored on the non-volatile memory. (initially introduced in Android 4.4/AOSP)
    This kind of partition was needed because of compatibility reasons.
    The applications can store data no matter if it's internal or external flash.
    In case of storing data on external SD cards, system has to deal usually with FAT32 filesystem. FAT32 is quite different than EXT4 used by Android internally.
    For instance, it's not case sensitive and doesn't handle discretionary access control.
    Because of adding more Android specific permissions, Google decided to use FUSE to emulate FAT32.
    FUSE support is enabled in the kernel. Complementarily, there is a userspace daemon called "sdcard".
    On boot, the sdcard daemon mounts a /dev/fuse device to the emulated directory.
    After that, it polls the FUSE device waiting for messages from the kernel.

    There is actually a lot happening with this emulation.
    This is because each file operation will now work in a following way:
    • Userspace application issues a system call that will be handled by the FUSE driver in kernel
    • FUSE driver in the kernel notifies the userspace daemon (sdcard) about the new request
    • Userspace daemon reads /dev/fuse
    • Userspace daemon parses command and recognizes file operation (ex. open)
    • Userspace daemon issues system call to the actual filesystem (EXT4)
    • Kernel handles physical data access and sends data back to the userspace
    • Userspace modifies (or not) data and passes it through /dev/fuse to kernel again
    • Kernel completes original system call and moves data to the actual userspace application

    So, now seeing Fused in bootloader is completely normal for Oreo on the HTC 10.
    Hope that helps clear that up some. :good: