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HTC Aria vs Samsung Captivate

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Jul 8, 2010
Strong Island, New York
Did anyone else get a chance to play around with the captivate since it's release yesterday? I thought it felt a bit long in my hands (guess I'm too used to candy bar phones) and the touchwiz 3.0 UI seems a bit slow compared to my rooted Aria ;) The speed seemed okay for a 1000 mHz hummingbird but the AMOLED screen looked nice and bright (which phone doesn't, nowadays?) I didn't like how it vibrates whenever you type something compared to when the Aria vibrates while typing....it felt weird, haha.

Your thoughts on AT&T's newest addition to it's Android deck?

Maybe I'm just so in love with my Aria that nothing can replace it :D

Oh yeah, the power/lock button is on the right side which I think is whacksauce :p


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2010
i have been like camping in the att store going in between the two

technically, the captivate is better

but the aria is so frakin fast that i dont think you will notice that its 400mhz slower for another year at least

i think the aria keyboard is a bit smaller, but still not too hard to type on.
really it comes down to the dev's and future android os releases

no i just have to decide which to get....
does the aria really shatter from a 2-3 foot fall?


Senior Member
Sep 1, 2009
I checked them both out, it's a tough call.

The aria is actually a little snappier than the Captivate, but the Captivate's speed advantage will probably show with apps.

The Aria seems a little better in build quality, (but not much).

If you want a multimedia device (primarily) and don't mind the modern trend towards talking into large devices, get the Captivate.

If you like smaller phones (and/or want to save some money) get the Aria.


Senior Member
May 28, 2010
Los Angeles
the advantage over the captivate is the future 3D gaming potential of it.

as far as overall speed of apps and such the aria is just as fast as the captivate, because the aria doesn't need a 1ghz cortex a8.

you'll want to keep in mind that the captivate has 16gb of internal storage(2gb of which you can install apps to currently with the 2.1 stock rom.) and you can add 32gb of sd storage. they are both capable of wireless N, although the aria doesnt support 5ghz. the captivate supports 720p recording and bluetooth 3.0

the aria has a trackpad and the arias smaller yet its not that much of a difference. you can still play games on the aria. the power buttons on the top of the phone. lol

other then that it just comes down to if you personally want a bigger screen/bigger phone, or if you are okay with the screen size of the aria. the aria is a great phone and perfect for the size of it, yet so is the captivate. its all your personal preference.

as far as rom development goes currently the aria has an advantage over the captivate due to it being easier to port roms and we're working on building some but it may change.

also the last thing you'll want to remember is price.


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2010
the captivate has amazing gpu preformance
but the aria is pretty good too, it has the same gpu as the big shiny evo right?

im just trying to decide which way to go with the screen size


Jul 8, 2010
Strong Island, New York
My wife dropped hers from her lap exiting the vehicle and it came out with flying colors. Sturdy little machine.

I prefer the more "rugged" matte backing of the aria versus the shiny smooth backplate of the captivate, but it does have a bit of a grip area so it's not to too smooth.

I'd say just hold out if you're having trouble deciding.. until AT&T releases an Android that you shouldn't have to compare with a mid-level Aria, but that's just my .02. I was constantly going back and forth between the two myself, but after toying with the captivate I've made my decision....the Aria is way cuter :cool:

Either way, we'll both have 2.2


Senior Member
Jul 17, 2010
well at most only only "holding out" for a couple more weeks and i dont think they have anymore androids coming out in that time

they are both great phones, but idk if i can manuver the captivate with one hand, and typing on the aria mildly annoys me sometimes


Jul 9, 2010
Personally, I don't like the software that the Captivate comes with looks a little "iphoneish" for my taste, and you really can't touch Sense UI ;)

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    The Aria or the Capivate? That is the question.

    The question really comes down to, what do YOU need your phone to do?

    The Aria

    Do you want a light weight phone?
    Do you want a phone that you can easily use one handed?
    Do you want a phone that is very responsive and snappy?
    Do you like cyanogen?
    Do you like the idea of a phone with a high friction backing so you never drop it?

    The Captivate

    Do you want a media powerhouse?
    Do you want a loud speaker phone?
    Do you want flash 10.1 support?
    Are you willing to wait for cyanogen?
    How do you feel about a phone that has some amazing internet components, but a very cheap exterior?
    Do you have sausage fingers?

    So what does it all boil down to? The aria is snappy, but don't expect it to do intensive apps. It can do anything text based. It will be an awesome at emails, texts, it has great call quality. It can play video, but you do need to optimize the video for its resolution, hand brake will become your friend. The aria does an awesome job with Pandora on HQ, makes a great mp3 player. It does need a good sd card if you plan on having a lot of music though. Speaker phone lacks volume, hard to hear when driving.

    The captivate on the other hand, you can drop almost any video file onto the internet 16gb sd card. Any resolution is fine. The screen is gorgeous. Call quality is great, speaker phone is great. Froyo is out for captivate, but you need to be android savy to install the rom. The phone supports flash 10.1, you can view youtube.com, no apps needed. The phone crushes video games, psx emulating. I highly recommend krazy kart racers, and angry birds.

    Do you want an easy to use, small easy to pocket phone.

    Or do you want a Media power house?

    That is the question. I own both models, I ended up giving my Aria to the wife, if you have any questions send them my way, pm'ing me is great I would be happy to help.