HTC Cube OpenGL (SCLPC++ 0-051)(Coded from scratch in C++)

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May 23, 2007

Just downloaded the 0051 version and copied the folder to the Application Data folder on my TyTNii. On my TyTNii I installed:

- Flash HardSPL (JumpSPL1.56-KAIS.exe)
- Radio
- WM 6.5.5|23529|jjblaster3

In the Installation Instructions of SCLPC++ 3D I m stuck at step 3:
Install and configure FTouchFlo or FTouchSL to open the file 'SCLPC++.exe' for the Down-Up Guesture.

I ve searched and searched in the settings and tools of WM but cannot find where I can config FTouchFlo (which is installed by default by jjblaster3's ROM).
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    I'd guess making graphical effects like 3D style animations or fading is far more easy with a library like edgelib.
    Doing the cube animation in the current MortButtons beta with simple BitBlt/StretchBlt commands took me some time and nerves, and the result is far from a real 3D animation...
    Well, and DirectX isn't quite easy, requires DevStudio 2005 for the developer and at least WM5 for the user...

    There is no "3D animation", it's just blitting based on the big png file, and the fact that the FPS sucks (even if actually pseudo 3D should be decent on any device, and produce far better result, based on the flip effect I've made for PCM). And fade effect is as complicated a substracting two number.

    Started reading this thread and read and read and read... until i realized that it was over 100 pages long ;)

    Anyway, I saw that many people have requested/asked for/humbly begged for a VGA version... I join that choir and humbly ask you to create a Cube that will work for VGA-devices.

    Best regards,