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HTC Desire Hardware vs. Nexus One Hardware

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Senior Member
Nov 30, 2009
Ohh. Have a smaller footprint. OK cool
No, actually, they are going to have a similar footprint but they don't currently use all of the RAM on the N1 so about 100 to 150MB of the 512 it came with is just wasted.

The problem is due to a limitation of the current kernel and how much max RAM it can support. A future kernel has support to use all of it.

Cyanogen has also backported all of the necessary code to the existing kernel to open up this unused RAM in his version of the OS, but we're still waiting on a future OTA from Google to get the same support in the stock OS.


Senior Member
Jan 19, 2010
I really have a hard time choosing between Desire and N1.
Both have aspects I like:

I prefer the design of the N1 (softtouch buttons give it a nice look) but on the other hand I have heard that the physical buttons are better than the softtouch ones.

The 2 microphones and the noise reduction are really nice features of the N1 (although probably the other end of the line will benefit from it ;-)). This makes it also more future proof (voice recognition).

Desire has more Ram (I don't know how much this will affect performance if they both run vanilla 2.1).

BTW is it possible to install vanilla android 2.1 on the Desire and update to new android version like the N1? Because I don't want to depend on HTC to release new android versions. If that is not possible with the Desire I would definately go for the N1. But if it is possible to install vanilla 2.1 on the Desire and install new versions of android then my decision will only depends on pricing and availability of either device.
N1 and Desire share ROMs. Desire's ROM is ported to the N1 now that it's not even out yet. Desire devs will probably port N1 ROMs, too.

I like the 2 microphones also because of Google translate and voice search. We need audio accuracy there.

I prefer the N1 mainly because of the look. I think, Desire would be great for countries where it will be officially sold because of support and availability of accessories.