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Aug 13, 2008
Not always, I've regularly been the first to post new information so... all sarcasm aside the thread moves so quickly I'd forever be catching up. we aren't always online like you are Hamdir ol' buddy.

yes its not a race, i am dying to see new stuff as well, so when i see a repost its a waste of time

im not being critical, i know not many have the time, not even me, but i didnt want to risk my productivity at work and hence took a day off

so since im off and more than one are on full alert, take a break and enjoy the ride ;)


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Mar 27, 2015

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Apr 22, 2011
Looks like they've knocked it outta the park as far as specs go.

Nice to see them working on video performance as it was really poor on the M9.

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Nov 22, 2008
RE: Speakers.

We already know that we have stereo sound - one channel from the front speaker, the other from the bottom. There is no subwoofer (not possible at this size), but it can reasonably assumed that both speakers have separate woofers/tweeters which should help with clarity/fidelity.
I think it's going to sound great. MAYBE it could have sounded better if the bottom speaker faced the user. Maybe.
Honestly, I believe the best way to design the speakers is to have them at the very bottom and top of the phone - at a 45 degree angle (in other words - on the chamfer), creating a very wide stereo soundstage.

Edit: They need to make Silver/Black available in all markets. Come on HTC, don't screw this up...


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Dec 22, 2010
Annnd I'm awake again! Oh man, seeing a new phone on video for the first time is always great! Thanks for posting that!

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    update 11/4/2016: the render are extremely close, official HTC 3D renders

    HTC 10 / One M10 / Perfume 3D Renders - dual tone metallic colors (original date 16/3/2016)

    click for bigger size




    original model was provided by temp64GTX and I have corrected it overall, its now accurate from all sides, in the upcoming days ill post more colors and other angles

    these are the changes on top of the original turbosquid model:

    - front chamfer higher and less thick
    - rear chamfer bigger
    - camera location
    - nav buttons size and location
    - screen size
    - bezel
    - slimmer side
    - added black protective frame around the screen
    - raised 2.5d glass
    - removed the top right hole, its not hole, its a strip
    - added the right tray

    corrections are based on my my latest measurements
    here we go, after a week of hell, this finally landed here today (TW 32GB)

    photos taken by the M9S:








    my 10 rave fitbag arrives on Tuesday but my trusty old M8 one works as well

    I need to express my thanks for @imOJ for all the trouble he went through to help me get this, this guy rocks and i love Dubai!

    phenomenal build quality, this must be the first time i've unboxed an HTC flagships with zero QC quirks, despite all the beauty shots and my work on the 3D render it still hit me, the buttons are simply insane like an expensive piece of machinery, the chamfer makes the phone feels so slim and the weight is the same for M8 / M9 carriers, the grey and the black 2.5D glass combo is simple drool inducing, those getting the silver white are making a huge mistake, there are no plastics to be seen and even the plastic patch on top is awesome

    the box looks the same as the M9 from the outside but the inside is fancier, soft coated and much better organized, all the included stuff QC 3.0 charger, earbuds and Type-C cable feels much fancier than previous devices, by the time you finish unboxing one conclusion is clear, this is new chapter for HTC

    the camera out of box is nothing like we've seen lately so i've skipped testing it and installing 1.30 before i touch it

    the screen is on the surface and anyone thinking otherwise is lying to himself, the screen looks pinkish out of box for few reasons: auto brightness and the vivid mode, i have spent half an hour testing various settings, angles and doing comparisons which i will show you tomorrow but for now: I have strong evidence that this a matter of glue, actually its right there in @jmitr photos ;)

    once you raise the brightness to full and change your settings the screen will impress, i agree with David Ruddock, Vivid mode sucks! it's almost disgusting so i have switched to sRGB mode which is gorgeous and the temp slider to full cold, never seen such good whites, even with sRGB it's still greatly saturated vs M9, in short with sRGB this is extremely close to the iPhone, the coolest bit? using it at full brightness with auto disabled doesnt warm the screen at all (suggesting that the screen brightness is capped with the real full reserved for the sun)

    ghosting...sadly its true, its a regression from the M9 but hey i've spent the year fighting with everyone here who refused to believe that the M9 screen is much better versus the M8 in terms of smoothness feel ie: refresh rate, so if you worship the M8 screen you will have no problem as the 10 is better than the M8 just not as good as the M9 in terms of ghosting

    speakers: OMG, just ignore all the non sense you've read, its LOUD, louder than the M9 and the sound is much crisper, its just not dimensional like the M9 but its clearer and louder from every angle, finally music mode makes the difference, it sounds like stereo, the default theatre mode is inferior to the M9, we have yet another incident of reviewers being too lazy to switch a stupid setting

    more tomorrow
    I have decided to show you this, my mockup of the M10, because i don't want to give Evan the pleasure of spoiling the M10 for us, like he did with that God awful washed out photo he has released, here is my render of the M10 which i had made earlier but now corrected to measurements after Evan's front reveal, this is made from all the insider information i have of the M10

    note: this mockup does not show the hidden thing on the front ;)

    you can really understand the codename now, this is the cleanest most symmetrical phone HTC ever made, it contains the essence of HTC but fulfils everything the press has been asking for
    - no logo bar
    - improved screen to body ratio hence its expect to have the same size as M9 with bigger screen, 5.2"
    - AOSP like UX
    - heavy loaded camera hardware

    update v2: refined render with corrected rear camera size, fingerprint shape and clearer bezel
    update v3: fractionally wider in order to perfectly fit the M9+ 5.2" screen proportions and every sensor on the front including the speaker was readjusted to match the evleak photo, brighter colors, fixed broken front USB center on v2
    update v4: adjusted fingerprint shape based on evidence of alternate prototype, so it could be either v3 or v4 as two prototypes exist
    update v5: bigger rear camera and flash/IR, antenna's location corrected based on latest leak, FP scanner, speaker, front camera and proximity corrected using the white photo
    update v5a with Sense 8 mock-up: trying to show case how the M10 looks with black wallpaper thanks to Amoled and Sense 8 colors, Desire 825 capacitive buttons plus color tweaks here and there for better looks
    update v6a: added the back chamfer matching the silver leak, hence rear camera combo gets smaller just a bit and the side tapers approach M9
    update v7a: back chamfer is now more solid
    update v8: added real Sense 8 icons

    update 4/3/2016: the official M10 render was leaked, comparison with my mock-ups over here

    My pre-leak mock-up vs official leaked render by evleaks



    HTC One M10 - codename Perfume mock up renders

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v8 with Sense 8 mock-up

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v7a with Sense 8 mock-up

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v7a

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v6a with Sense 8 mock-up

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v6a

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v5a with Sense 8 mock-up

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v5a

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v5b

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v4

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v3

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v2

    M10/Perfume - mock-up render v1

    A9/Aero - official render

    M9/Hima - official render

    M10's bezel improvements vs the A9 (sense screenshot from A9)

    and this cutout to give you an idea of the back curvature and edges

    here we can see the metallic bumper accessory, how v5 was corrected and comparison between A9/M9/M10


    HTC 10 / One M10 / Perfume 3D Renders - Black

    click for bigger size

    original model was provided by temp64GTX and I have corrected it overall, its now accurate from all sides, in the upcoming days ill post more colors and other angles

    these are the changes on top of the original turbosquid model:

    - front chamfer higher and less thick
    - rear chamfer bigger
    - camera location
    - nav buttons size and location
    - screen size
    - bezel
    - slimmer side
    - added black protective frame around the screen
    - raised 2.5d glass
    - removed the top right hole, its not hole, its a strip
    - added the right tray

    corrections are based on my my latest measurements
    Well guys, it's a sad day. For the first time since I started using Android, I won't be buying the HTC flagship. It's sad because I really love HTC phones, and I got my start as a developer on HTC phones. But I think it's time to move on. My sincere thanks to all the HTC community here for supporting my kernels and apps over the years. I hope people aren't let down by me not getting the U12. I'll continue to support my kernels for the 10 and U11.

    Why am I not getting the U12? The honest answer is not enough users. I spend several thousand dollars per year on phones, supported by the revenues from my apps. It's pretty much a guarantee that I will lose money on the U12. I'm already really busy with more popular devices, so I can't justify spending another $1100 on a device that will have few users and require a lot of effort to maintain. HTC devices are a huge hassle to support compared to Pixel and OnePlus and even Moto. HTC still sends their kernel sources as a blob with no commit history, and they are routinely several months late in releasing them. Plus there are endless variants and weird HTC-specific quirks to deal with.

    Back in the day, HTC was definitely the best. Phones like the One S and m7 really stood above the competition. Looking back, it was the m9 that killed HTC. It was really a dud. The brilliance of the HTC 10 couldn't make up for it and although the U11 was a fine phone, I just never enjoyed it as much as my other current phones, which have really progressed in the last couple years.