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Oct 23, 2008
Fort Worth, Tx
Hi. I'm shining in on this thread because I had a very similar experience with my Nexus 6p. I purchased it unlocked and pulled the SIM card out of my previous phone. After going to the worthless Sprint store and several tech support people, I finally got someone who knew what they were doing. It took him about 5 minutes to add my IMEI into the network and correlated with the SIM card. I was up and running immediately after that.

hey if anyone still following This Thread, can you chime in and let me know if it's worth purchasing. I'd be coming from a Note 5 and just want something new to Tinker with.


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Oct 20, 2015
Redmi K20 Pro
Maybe you can try these that I mod for my non-rooted redmi 5 plus

View attachment 4449538 View attachment 4449537

Gallery -

PhotoEnhancer (photo editor) -

Hopefully they will work on your device too.

Hi, im using your HTC Gallery and PhotoEnhancer it works in my Redmi Note 4 running in LOS 15.1 Oreo, but everytime I close the app the pinch tutorial is always poping up, can I turn off this ?


May 18, 2015
I always get a gesture Popup after the first gallery app startup (after kill) when I change the view type
(the four icons on the top bar)
It only happens when I select the second from the left (sth like squeeze fingers to change view)
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