HTC HD2 and Windows Phone 8

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Apr 16, 2011
the porting of 7.8 has been very simple for devs, i think that we have serious possibilities to see WP8 on hd2!
Because 7.8 is not really a big deal. Just look at it, new homescreen and what? Nothing. WPH8 have diffrent kernel, it only looks the same.
I don't think wp8 ever come out, the idea will die like MAGLDR 2.01. Endless hope for something that never comes.


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Dec 28, 2009
i've sold my HD2 WM 6.5 today and i'm kind of sad. but WP7.8 wont offer what i want and a stable and 100% working WP8 will be very very unlikely. i doubt the HD2 Snapdragon is even compatible with the new x86 based kernel of WP8.


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Apr 17, 2008
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according to htc and microsoft, hd2 would not be able to run wp7, is that true ?


yes we run WP7 but HD2 not officially supported with WP7 because have hardware buttons and two buttons are redundant (and few more hardware incompatibility with WP7 standard)...

you cant expect WP8 to go to 3,5 year old device... our developers still not get all drivers to HD2 work flawlessly... HD2 hardware is to low for WP8... when go out, we get full 7.8 with some WP8 functions (but not all)...
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Dec 14, 2005
No chances to get WP8

We have no chances to get WP8 on HD2. At least because:
1. It uses UEFI
2. It uses different architecture (similar to Windows 8) and drivers
It seems it is different OS (anyway for end-users it is very similar to WP7), so there is almost no hope, that it will ever ported on our devices.
Anyway I hope that devs will bring us some updates (at least a complete WP7.8 and new android builds)...


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Sep 10, 2008
Opelika, AL
I have no idea one way or the other on this; what I do know is, someone will try. It might not be perfect, it might have missing hardware compatibility but someone will take a crack at getting the HD2...maybe the HTC Titan as close to a WP8 experience...I just want Skype to run in background like it does on Android and Microsoft to pull their collective heads out their asses and stop hanging us Windows Mobile..Phone users out to dry with every upgrade of their mobile OS.


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Aug 13, 2012
Los Angeles
Well, if the rumors are true, HTC could will release the HTC Rio, a WP8 device witch same specifications that HTC HD2. In this case, HD2 can update to Windows Phone 8 witch the help of developers.

Yes. HTC Windows Phone 8S (HTC Rio) and HTC Windows Phone 8X (HTC Accord) is coming to At&t. I don't know when.
HTC Rio is the lower-end version of HTC Accord.

I think there's already a Windows Phone 7.8 ROM.


May 9, 2010
Oh the Photo is showing a briked Display.
Yes indeed, i'll hoping that cotulla ist workin on an WM8 Port. I think, nativcode support lets run oure HD2 faster - so that our single-core Handy will working so fast as with wp7.
BUT we musst waiting - i hate that! :)
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May 9, 2010
damn that's sound gratefully!
Is today the 24th of december? It's a gift!
I'll hope, that gonna to be stable.....

argh - better like reading the playboy! ( OKAY i dont read playboys, because i read to much here :p )

greate job in the past, but the greater job musst done in the near futur now!
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    What do u guys Think? Can the HD2 handle Wp8? or maybe only Windows Phone 7.8? Im acutally going to base my desicion of buying a new phone upon whether HD2 will get windows phone 8 or not.

    All devs busted there asses working on the HD2, i mean what more can we ask from them? :p
    You should google before asking questions :angel:

    Sir, i was not asking, just doing a rethorical question, trying to explain the user that just because it have the same amount of ram, or a Snapdragon 1ghz, doesn't mean it has similar specs.
    HTC Rio is a S4 device and our is S1.

    There is still hope though, WP8 has more documentation compared to Windows Phone 7.
    no chance for WP8 on HD2... especially when i see today presentation of Lumia 920....

    hardware is toooo low for WP8 and too different....

    i love Smart Shoot on Lumia 920 :) automatically remove walking people from photography
    I love it when the " all knowing" members try to make fun of someone's question. Instead of just replying with a "yes" or "no" someone always has to be a real jerk. They probably will make a wp8 ROM for the HTC hd2, because people enjoy it.

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