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HTC Sensation 1.27 stuck at boot screen after rom change

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May 21, 2012
Hi, thanks for the reply, i have 4ext v1.0.0.5. Hope you can help me with this, got this problem in weeks now. I flashed revolution rom because my wifi is not functioning after root.

download from here the latest version of 4ext recovery
extract the recovery.img and flash it via fastboot command
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot reboot bootloader

then flash again the rom

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    relax mate.easy:cool:

    do extra 1 step from this guide(flashing boot.img)

    or from the same guide do step 2(flashing recovery)
    format all parttions except sdcard from 4ext
    enable smartflash from it
    flash the rom
    Ah i see what is done, im in the 4ext recovery menu now, i did the format you said but i cannot find the smartflash, can you point me out where i need to enable that?

    at the bottom of the menu
    enable it then install the rom
    I was too fast, found it but even so thanks for you reply, ok i enabled it, so instal the rom i take it i have to reboot, put it in fastboot usb and than type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img again in cmd?

    no wait!

    enable it
    flash the rom
    reboot normally

    my previous post was giving you 2 ways to choose
    not use both of them together

    you missed the word or hehe

    edit:the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img is to flash 4ext recovery
    so no need to use it again
    I feel such a noob as those small steps are probably easy for you guys.

    I havent done it yet, i enabled it, but how do i flash the rom? i see no option for that, i am sorry for those simple questions but ive never worked with 4ext or any other android programs.

    install zip from sdcard
    choose zip from sdcard

    navigate to the rom zip
    press on it to install
    i had such high hopes as everything was installing without problems but after reboot, stuck in the htc screen again :(

    Now read carefully and do the extra #1 step from the same guide you've used

    That should solve the issue

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