HTC Shift X9500 Ecshift.exe and other files


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Jan 9, 2010
Hello, folks. I know that its about an old story, with old characters, but I have to ask.
Ive found an old HTC Shift X9500 in very good shape, and I can't resist. I bought it.
But I have a problema. At snapvue side I have only a screen asking for a password (numbers).
The seller knows nothing about the password. He even knew about the windows mobile side of the device.
3G is working. I think it is an unlocked Orange device. Everything is in French.
Once upon a time, in a distant galaxy, I had another Shift and I used to trying some ROMs on it.
I remembered about Cmonex's Ecshif and Mtty files.
But the cmonex website don't work anymore.
Anyone have these files?


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