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Jun 26, 2014
HTC u11 Pie OTA Update ZIP for CID HTC__060 India SEA

Happy downloads!
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Sep 16, 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Us unlocked Screenshot_20190904-110835.jpg

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Mar 30, 2007
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Mar 30, 2007
Nazareth, PA
HTC U12+
ASUS ROG Phone 3
For some reason I can't download my OTA file. This should be the filename:

Did I do something wrong? This was found in a logcat.

that method doesn't work anymore, it doesn't give you true link, either use a network sniffer, or go dev options and make a bug report while downloading the OTA save that log locally with any file manager inside that zip there is a log that gives you true link for the ota
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Dec 28, 2012
I could not boot to TWRP after pie update, fastboot stuck at booting... Anyone got TWRP to work ?


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Jun 25, 2013
OK, so what is your experience after updating to Pie?

I have a dual SIM unlocked version, received the update like 2 weeks ago (3.31.401.1) and am frustrated with it - Oreo worked much smoother.
Issues identified:
1. Reboots - usually when I lose Wi-Fi connection.
If I am connected to Wi-Fi and lose the connection (e.g. leave the building, go the the garage) - the phone reboots when the connection to Wi-Fi is lost (it's not a full boot - more of a soft restart or sth), but causes me to loose Bluetooth headphones connection and I need to enter the PIN to unlock the device after that (fingerprint unlock does not work after restart without providing the PIN).
Super frustrating, happens multiple times a day.
2. Notifications coming back and back.
If I receive a notification from some apps (e.g. Instagram, OneDrive) and dismiss them, they reapper some time later (same notification that I dismissed). Sometimes multiple times, example:
a) Notification pops up - I dismiss it.
A minute later.
Same notification. I dismiss again.
5 minutes later.
Same notification, AGAIN.

I start to miss the good old Oreo. HTC proves once again they no longer care about updates for their older phones.


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Aug 10, 2008
Only identified problem so far is the notification within a notification, might have a problem with alarms will see again tomorrow morning. Other than that everything seems normal for me. I did however go the nuke route of doing a factory reset before download, download the update and apply and then factory reset after and finally log into Google and restore.

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    Can you make a short review?
    Do you need to make a clean instalation? (factory reset)

    HTC Sense is basically the same as Oreo, but HTC has implemented everywhere a lovely ripple effect, animation between pages and hamburger item highlight has also changed. In settings app HTC has changed all the icons (now colored) and has done some minor ui changes like titles and dividing lines. HTC also redisegned the notification drawer bar that obscure the rest of the window with a traslucent color taken from the gradient of the bg. Now drawer bar's color changes in black or withe thanks to the color of the wallpaper.

    But impressive is the reactivity of the OS, it takes some minutes of tweacking after the update to reach a sofisticated fluidity and battery performance improved (i got more than 30 minutes).

    Last but not least, HTC added the overlay popup notification for all the apps, phone, whatsapp and so on (ex. incoming call popup instead of full screen: you can play with this small popup (dismiss call, speaker, etc), it looks like sense companion bubble); and they changed the way to interact when a word is selected after long press. From notification drawer is easier manage which app can display notification and snooze or minimize the other.

    No clean install needed; i have done an healthy factory reset days ago.
    Hi alls
    I open this topic that will be followed during all the U11 life. First retail U11 are delivered with ROM.
    For those in search for OTA's files, RUU files and tips, I deeply recommand the 5m4r7ph0n36uru's mega thread that you can all find here :

    [COLLECTION | GUIDES] HTCU U11 – RUU/Firmware/Recovery/OTA/Backups

    For the records, and as OCEAN beta program is now over, I paste here all the fixes from 1.13 to 1.27 main ROM. If someone needs an anterior changelog ( from 1.02 => 1.13 ) feel free to PM me
    1.27 is the latest available ROM for this device test. An OK from HTC dev manager was ask before posting those logs so please, no more NDA things :highfive:

    Changelogs :

    1.13 => 1.14
    Ø Improve modem stability
    Ø Improve Camera AP stability
    Ø Enable Alexa on UT ROM (DUGL+UHL)
    Ø Add HTC Sense IME (on DUGL ROM)
    Ø Fix Edge Sense no function issue
    Ø Fix display too dark under low light issue
    Ø Improve Wi-Fi stability
    Ø Enable Settings-> Display, gestures & buttons-> Color profile
    Ø Fix storage issue that it popped SD card broken issue

    1.14 => 1.16
    Ø Improve system, Wi-Fi stability
    Ø Fix “There is no sound suddenly when listening music with HTC type-c to 3.5 adapter” issue
    Ø Phase in new Google security patch
    Ø Fix failed to choose TouchPal prediction words when enabling magnification gesture
    Ø Fix Sense Home icons failed to show completely
    Ø Fix when device is connecting with PC, sliding will show lines on screen issue.
    Ø Fix cannot dial out by pressing the contact when user entered the handwriting mode on dialer with dual SIM issue
    Ø Fix mobile data button keeps at "on" status after flight mode is on issue
    Ø Fix No response when tapping Hardware diagnostics in HTC help if font size is set as largest
    Ø Fix Edge sense cannot be used after clear junk by Boost+ issue
    Ø Fix camera 4K2K and Slow Motion Mode noise issue
    Ø Fix camera recording lag issue

    1.16 => 1.19
    Ø Improve USonic audio quality
    Ø Reduce audio noise when device is connecting with Wi-Fi 5G
    Ø Improve camera performance for preview lag issue
    Ø Enable Alexa
    Ø Improve Wi-Fi and modem stability

    1.19 => 1.23
    Ø Improve system stability
    Ø Improve camera preview performance
    Ø Fix camera auto close when recording 60FPS video issue
    Ø Fix video lag issue.

    1.23 => 1.26
    Ø Improve system stability
    Ø Fix micro SD is not stable issue
    Ø Fix notification bar shows blank when user tries to dismiss notification issue
    Ø Fix no response when user presses camera button issue
    Ø Fix camera preview shows black screen issue
    Ø Update Alexa

    1.26 => 1.27
    Ø Fix “SD card's encrypted file can be seen in another same device when its SD card status is also encrypted” issue

    1.27 =>2.22.999.1
    Ø Upgrade from Android N to Android O

    2.22 =>2.27.999.1
    Ø Improve system stability
    Ø Fix GPS takes longer than expected to get current location issue
    Ø Fix failed to charge device with Xaiomi power bank issue
    Ø Fix device shows roaming icon when user is not in roaming condition
    Ø Fix USonic function failed when using MAX320 headset issue.
    Ø Fix device hang at lock screen issue.
    Ø Fix clicking setting icon on notification bar but no response issue
    Ø Fix UI layout shifts apparently after user enables Boost+ optimize foreground issue
    Ø Fix it shows empty in Boost+->"Manage apps"->"Apps"
    Ø Fix the notification dots are not shown when there is new incoming message issue

    2.27 => 2.31.999.2
    Ø Improve system stability
    Ø Fix modified alarm repeat time isn’t saved
    Ø Fix app crashes when deleting pictures saved in SD card
    Ø Fix unable to manually check software update

    2.31 => 2.32.999.2
    Ø Improve system stability
    Ø Fix “Unable to turn BT on” issue
    Ø Fix “Weather app failed to update location” issue
    Ø Fix “There is a tiny dot next to edge sense toggle button” issue
    Ø Fix “Device failed to charge with HTC charger and car charger until user forced restarting device” issue
    Ø Add workaround solution for touch screen function failed issue
    Ø Fix “Daylight saving shows like user is in different country” issue
    Ø Fix “TouchPal poor performance and function failed” issues
    Ø Fix “Call waiting function failed” issue
    Ø Fix “Failed to output screen to HDMI monitor when device connected HDMI dongle and played video” issue

    2.32 => 2.40.999.1
    Ø Improve system stability
    Ø Fix “account log-in page shows abnormally in Theme app” issue
    Ø Fix “touch screen but there is no response when resuming device” issue
    Ø Fix “when user pressed Settings-> HTC Connect or Settings->More, it will pop up an error message” issue
    Ø Fix “user cannot see the string on pop-up message if user chose “I do not like this suggestion” issue
    Ø Fix “user’s current location is not consistent with the location shown in Weather app” issue
    Ø Fix “after user optimizes power in boost+, it shows battery usage extended unreasonable hours ” issue
    Guys, enough already. This is not a problem feedback thread or not an official htc thread. Just write here if you have valuable information about some update. So, stop crying here. Nothing will change

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    I believe it, after I have seen it.
    If HTC starts to push monthly updates, then I consider in getting a HTC again after the U11.
    But right now, I'm just disappointed about their update strategy...

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    Can we maybe all resort to just posting in this thread when there actually is an update?
    No need to keep stating the obvious I would say.
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