HTC Update For Mozart And HD7 Available, Enables Internet Sharing

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Sep 21, 2008
Read that:
Yep, my unbranded Mozart has just been officially updated. :)
Update is called: HTC Update for Windows Phone. Screenshots below.



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Feb 1, 2010
Does this include internet sharing on Tmobile US?

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Feb 13, 2009
Orlando, FL
YEAH!, just installed. We now have Internet Sharing.
Yes, HD7 TMOUS!!!

I don't know what other changes were included in the update.


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Jan 15, 2008
So awesome. Can't wait to get home and update. Oddly enough, I just had the cell boosters at my work replaced and upgraded earlier today. Finally will get to use some of my 6GB data plan!


Dec 5, 2007
My Mozart has just had an update......

No internet sharing

OS Version is 7740........not 7720

UK Orange branded.


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Feb 10, 2008
Upgrade on TMOUS HD7:

Firmware: 2250.21.51003.531 (was 2250.21.40503.531)
Radio: (was
Bootloader: 5.10.2250.0(132968) (was 4.5.2250.0(129966))

Internet sharing enabled.


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Jul 29, 2010
No internet sharing

I have just updated my Mozart and I don't have access to internet sharing. I have a Mozart Orange France branded. How didi you get it work pitoxman?

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    Update cabs for HD7 to enable Tethering and 7740

    So is anyone likely to post the links to the cabs please?

    7740 -

    HTC Firmware update (brands as T-Mobile) -

    So far on XBMOD's rom i can no longer use the logo and globalization cabs using cab sender due to it reporting the cabs as not needed on this system.

    I am sure this would be a simple work around but for nowe your phone will be T-Mobile branded and not be able to debrand (until xbmod or someone is able to update cabs).
    My HTC Trophy also get "HTC Update" with Internet Sharing :).
    after applying the update on my hd7, i noticed that whenever i do a soft reset my devices mac address changes.
    anyone encountered this bug?
    this is caused by the HTC ISharing driver(s).
    is there a fix to it?

    thanks for the reply
    welcome. and no, not that i know of.
    HTC mozart WP7 ICS issues

    I just had HTC mail me this in relation to the new update issues with the 3G and Wifi which was just released on the 6th of Dec 2011;

    Dear Alex Paps,

    Thanks for contacting HTC.

    We understand that after you updated your HTC 7 Mozart, the phone developed a MAC address issue and won’t connect to the network’s 3G service properly. Please allow us to address your concern.

    To support WIFI hotspot on the concerned devices, the WIFI driver was upgraded and aligned with Mango (Windows Phone 7 version 7.5 update) projects. The API (application programming interface) to read WLAN (wireless local area network) MAC addresses is different, since the concerned devices uses SD memory, and Mango devices use eMMC (multi-media card). When there is a failure to read WLAN MAC addresses, a random MAC address is assigned so it can solve connection problems. This, however, causes similar issues to what you are experiencing.

    We are aware of this issue with your phone and have already issued an update for your phone. This update will be available before end of 2012-January.

    Please let us know if this information was able to help you with your concerns. If not, please advise us of the issues you’ve encountered.

    Should you need further assistance, please feel free to share your preferred contact schedule with us as we would be more than happy to contact you directly over the phone for assistance. You may also give us a call at 1300-482-482. Our business hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm Sydney Time, from Mondays to Sundays and closed on Public Holidays.