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Jul 24, 2008
There are a few reasons to care. One is when people upgrade their phones, it probably won't be a HTC phone. The other is to gain mass appeal, like Apple did with the iPhone.

It's not like we're asking for new hardware or anything. It's just software that people want. Actually drivers, but ATI has a policy to update the drivers for their video cards every month. The least HTC could do is give us working drivers.

Maybe if they released the source code for the drivers, that way the community can do their work.


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Sep 18, 2007
Maybe if they released the source code for the drivers, that way the community can do their work.
Already asked the head of the ATI Linux open-source driver if they can twiddle their device department to release the source also. The response was wait until the department settled ownership.

Few weeks later, the device department was sold to Qualcomm. So that's dead and sunk option now since Qualcomm was the whole reason this problem existed.

So you could protest in the only possible, non-noticeable, way which is to spread the word and stop buying HTC/Qualcomm. We can see that people still continue to jump onto the TP2 and so like SUVs and abused wives, people have short memory and the cycle continues.
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May 4, 2009
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Oct 15, 2009
It's to HTC's best interest to get working 3D drivers for phones with a qualcomm chipset. In fact, they should be fixing everything, including such things as GPS.

I hate the iPhone for some of the things they've done, but it did a lot of things right. It literately exploded onto the Smart Phone market, and it has scared the crap out of Windows Mobile and Symbian based phone companies.

John Carmack, the creator of game engines for such games as Quake 1,2,3 and Doom series, has praised the iPhone. Software development is extremely good on the iPhone, while Windows Mobile has majority of it's applications written in 2002/2003. Most have been abandoned, and are in need of a serious updates.

The Touch Pro 2 is HTC's flagship product, which also uses a qualcomm chipset. The Kaiser maybe an outdated product, in terms of phone generation, but supporting it should be in their best interests. HTC should be looking at all their phones as a platform, and not as a generation.

Support should be key into HTC's future. The Kaiser and the original iPhone came out at about the same time period, yet the iPhone keeps getting updates and upgrades through software. It's even running the iPhone OS 3.0.

I love xda-developers for all the available cooked roms and support, but it shouldn't be needed if HTC supported their products.

Right. But do you know what the real problem is? The real problem is all that idiots around here that see TouchFlo 2.6 and go buying new devices. How a company can have interest in "older" devices when people buy newer ones without using a single neuron.... Have you seen the new HTC HD2? People just see TouchFlo and keeps buying. "HD2 is great", they say. "HD2 is fast" they say. "HD2 is going to rock" they say.
Someone should teach them a device is something more complex than a UI and needs a more deeper development than two GUI effects in the home screen. We're in 2010 and HTC is still releasing devices that can't run basic OpenGL ES 2.0 programs. And people buy them ... That's the problem... Earth is full of simple human beings... Making business with such simple creatures is not that hard. Just put 2 fancy effects and you're done.
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Feb 18, 2008

You really cant call someone "simple" just because he buys something that suits his needs....

Who gives a $h!7 if its running OpenGL, all i want is my apps to run smoothly, and i cant care less if its using D3D, OpenGL or w/e.

I just want a fancy UI that has all the stuff i need at the swipe of a finger or at the touch of a button, and i want it not to start choking every once in a while.

So if you think you are superior to me, since i am a simple human being that wants his phone to work correctly, go ahead and develop the damn Driver and makes us all happy. If you cant do that i see no reason to bash "simple humans" just to get your e-go a boost...


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Apr 28, 2007
so its now 2010 heh, and there hasnt been a post here :p just wondering what is up?

honestly I wont be looking at HTC until I get my hands to demo the phone that I buy, i wont be making the same mistake!

i was with my bro and his iphone in tmobile and other places and even the latest android and all other phones cant compare to the speed and smoothness, i hate to admit it but if anything i would get an iphone and jall break it for tmobile cause no other phone right now on the market and for the price that i would spend is even close to what they have... its the only apple product i would ever recommend or speak of to anyone just FYI

now i wish Cowon would get into the phone business! haha they could prob make a nice phone cause im enjoying there S9 pmp !


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Jul 1, 2011
it's been almost 3 years now and i was really anticipating that anyone will come out with a video driver fix. The only thing that comes to mind when reminded of this past issue is "htc has dropped the ball".......

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    Sorry Chainfire, no, the "hotfix" from HTC was for sporatic BT disconnects, but the poor audio quality was documented almost from day one. There have been all kinds of reg tweaks reccommended along the way but none really seem to fix it. Many BT earpieces that used to work fine with other phones are now giving a lower audio output with Kaiser so that when travelling and talking, it's quite difficult to hear the other party. Here's the thread;

    I'll have a look-see.

    My apologies in being a bit harsh a few posts above. Seems it came across a bit more powerful than it was meant. I understand these issue are also bothering you, but you must also understand that all this is not a small undertaking. Gathering all the information, building the website, communication with the other people involved in this, answering about 100 short e-mails daily since the site launched, complete e-mail conversations with some of the sites that are making mention of all this as well as some who are considering doing so. It's a lot of work, so if you want to make additions or modifications, you may understand that I prefer them in 'ready to chew' format, instead of just "can you add/investigate problem X?" :)
    UndaC, after reading what you wrote two times over, I must say I completely agree with all your points.

    Still, the speakerphone and bluetooth issues can be very annoying. Let's just see if they are in the coming update.

    As for the video playback, I agree insofar as that that is all they seem to be bothering with now, but as the root of those problems is most likely in the display drivers, there is still some hope of the other parts being included.

    The touchscreen issue, I'm making a write up about that now, including benchmarks and-so-forth. Hopefully it will help. I am planning to build myself a custom ROM that doesn't have the touch driver at all (it seems like you are not able to simply turn it off, like many other drivers) to finish the series, and that will prove beyond a doubt it is a driver issue. I'm getting a bit frustrated with having to flash and reflash my device every day though ;)
    Update the site (yet again), added some newly reported support responses and significantly updated the "Research and verification" page. It's not done yet, and links to it from other parts of the site (like what to tell HTC and such) need to be added, but please review it and tell me what you think so far. It contains a large section dedicated to the touchscreen, btw. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after I will be able to expand on all the other issues as thoroughly as well, so the real tech-journalists reviewing it can confirm for themselves that all is as we say it is.
    Yes, lets get back on topic, before we all die of starvation of drivers. What other option could their be? We have tried almost everything for the drivers(porting some and adding some .ddl's) and a lawsuit, but what else could their be? A petition is a start but we need something that is so powerful yet needs less resources and is just right under the lawsuit level, what could that be? A boycott wouldn't help because people would always buy from them, they have a big portion of the market and we(the ones that are frustrated by this) are only like 25% of the market portion and only like 5% of that would boycott so what could we do!??
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