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Huawei AppGallery for Integrating ML kit and publishing your app

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Freemind R

Official Huawei Rep
Apr 14, 2020

What Is Huawei Machine Learning kit?

Huawei Machine Learning Service (ML Kit) provides machine learning suites to provide high-quality experience for developers to develop various applications using machine learning capabilities. Thanks to Huawei's long-term technical accumulation, the ML Kit provides developers with easy-to-use, diversified services, and cutting-edge machine learning capabilities, helping developers quickly and better develop various AI applications.

For details about MLkit, see Introduction to MLkit:

How to Integrate Huawei Machine Learning Service

Huawei Machine Learning Service Integration Guide:

Releasing an Huawei AppGallery

For details about the development process, see the following attachment:

If you have completed the development and want to release the Huawei AppGallery, perform the following steps:


1. To apply for an account, visit the HUAWEI Developer official website at https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/,and register an account using an email address or mobile number.


After the registration is complete, you need to perform real-name authentication. After logging in to your account, click to access the management center in the upper right corner.


You can select individual authentication or company authentication based on your account type.


1.1 Individual developer authentication: You need to use your ID card number and bank card number for authentication. (Note: If you have authenticated another account, you cannot use your own account for authentication.) For details, see the requirements on the website.

1.2 Enterprise developer authentication: For enterprises in China, you need to prepare information such as the unified social credit code, account opening bank, and business account. For enterprises in foreign regions, you need to prepare information such as the legal entity name, company address, business license, and public bank account. For details, see the requirements on the website. Note that enterprise certification may take about two working days.

2 Whether to release your app globally: You can determine whether to release your app globally based on your application.

3 Whether to integrate cloud services: MLKit provides cloud and device services. For details, see the following:


For details about other operations, see the status bar on the left of the page.

Any questions about this process, you can visit HUAWEI Developer Forum to acquire answers.