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Mar 23, 2012
Oppo Reno5
Thanks :)
I have to downgrade to B340 like you said :)
Can i share your post and the ota link in Huawei G7 community at Htcmania?
Thanks one more time.

You're more than welcome to share it there. :good:

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Thanks :)
I have to downgrade to B340 like you said :)
Can i share your post and the ota link in Huawei G7 community at Htcmania?
Thanks one more time.

Before you downgrade to B340, I have an OTA to update from B350. It's 61.9MB. Here's the direct link.
B350-B360 OTA update


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Mar 23, 2012
Oppo Reno5
I had wifi problems with B360 update,so...back to B350.
Meanwhile in Huawei firmware finder appears some B360 updates with 1,2Gb and others with 55Mb and 80Mb.
DO NOT update with the 55MB update! Those are the beta log updates!
What wifi issues were you having?

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Sep 26, 2016
Will the official update of other religion work for me?

I have g7 l01 with build number g7_l01C185B320,,,,, and I have just found an update marshmallow for asia but with different build number g7-l01C464B530,, I don't want to lose my phone so I ask you for advice.


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Mar 23, 2012
Oppo Reno5
B510 Marshmallow is available in Egypt, for cust version C185: G760-L01, Android 6.0.1, EMUI 4.0, C185B510CUSTC185D003, Middle East&Africa

Hopefully it will be released for Europe soon!
This is the link for you to update to Marshmallow.
I have g7 l01 with build number g7_l01C185B320,,,,, and I have just found an update marshmallow for asia but with different build number g7-l01C464B530,, I don't want to lose my phone so I ask you for advice.

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Mar 23, 2012
Oppo Reno5
Ok, so I'm still trying to get my phone from the European B263 to the Middle East/Africa firmware, and in my last_log file, after doing an OTA update from B350 to B360, I found these lines in there:

[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] dload_sd_get_module_from_file,line=612: md_hd->szDispName: OEMSBL_VER
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] dload_sd_get_module_from_file,line=613: md_hd->dwMagicNum:A55AAA55
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] dload_sd_get_module_from_file,line=614: md_hd->dwDataStartAddr:E9000000
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] dload_sd_get_module_from_file,line=615: md_hd->dwDataLen:28
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] dload_sd_get_module_from_file,line=621: Skip 2 bytes after unit header
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] dload_sd_get_module_from_file,line=622: unit md_crc_len:2
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] is_sec_code_allowed,line=405: unlock,data_length=8
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] unlock_cmd,line=408: Unlock Success!
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 687] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=459: 
========Module name: OEMSBL_VER,module ID:E9000000 ========
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=460: dwMagicNum      :A55AAA55
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=461: szDispName      : OEMSBL_VER
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=462: UnlockCode      :HW8916ÿÿ
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=463: dwDataStartAddr :0xE9000000
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=464: dwDataLen       :0x0000001C
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=465: dwBlockSize_hw  :0x00
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=466: dwBlockSize     :0x1000
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] get_part_property,line=1881: Find by Index : 0xe9000000, OEMSBL_VER
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] get_part_property,line=1881: Find by Index : 0x50000000, CACHE
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_begin_func,line=548: module_offset_in_emmc_or_nand : 0x00000000
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] one_write_pre_write_func,line=847: Pre Write OEMSBL_VER ...
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] cmd_unit_write_post_func,line=623: cmd_unit_write_post_func()...
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] crc_mbn_check_32k,line=248: crc_mbn_offset = 58,crc0_length=2284
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] sec_dld_update_main_ver,line=1972: SDLOG: we are going to write main_ver.txt into oeminfo =G760-L01V100R001C00B263_BOOT
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 700] sec_dld_update_main_ver,line=1997: SDLOG: we are going to write main_ver.txt into oeminfo finalize success.
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 701] default_post_write_func,line=808: default_post_write_func
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 701] skip_pkg_data,line=108: Ready to skip: 128!
[1970-01-06 05:37:18 701] skip_pkg_data,line=112: No need to skip!

This line stands out to me : [1970-01-06 05:37:18 688] sec_dld_update_main_ver,line=1972: SDLOG: we are going to write main_ver.txt into oeminfo =G760-L01V100R001C00B263_BOOT

If we can change this line in the oeminfo file somehow, then we should theoretically be able to install any update, without having to completely change our oeminfo file.

How we can do this, I cannot answer, but maybe someone with more technical knowledge will be able to answer.
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Nov 29, 2016
Anyone wanting to root this heap of junk because it is laggy? If so, I possibly have a non root solution. After a year of slow annoyingness, typing a word and it appearing two years later etc and nearly bricking it I found a way of improving it. I used kingroot to delete google apps I don't use that were hogging resources but it didn't improve much and I thought it's always when I am typing it is useless. I installed swiftkey and now it is a fair bit better, as in totally noticeable improvement. The Huawei keyboard totally mashes the phone. Regardless I have been deeply unimpressed by this phone, from fragile build, to terrible audio, seriously no excuse for that joke of a speaker and appalling camera. Will never buy Huawei again. Anyway, hope the keyboard tip helps someone.


Dec 29, 2012
Me too. G7-L02 user here. Not even an update from this version. The battery went down fast and Android application running in the background are consuming the battery ugh. So much 1 year from this model. Time to find a new one and throw this junk behind.

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    How to unlock bootloader, root your phone and install the newest clean ROM

    So, you got yourself a brand new shiny Huawei Ascend G7. Great! Good for you. Now what?

    The ROM that you got with your new phone isn't bad. It has a few weird things, some unnecessary applications, a little bit of bloatware, but overall it's better than most ROMs shipped with new devices nowadays. But what if you want to, say, disable the shutter sound of your camera? Or replace the default camera app alltogether? Or uninstall this really annoying vendor app that you totally could live without?

    All around the web there are numerous tips and guides as to how exactly enable all those things, but some of them aren't all that good and most of them are either hard to follow or in Spanish. Here I want to explain as simply as possible how to make your phone really yours in four steps.

    STEP -1 . Back up all your data

    Do a backup of all your data, because this process will wipe everything from your phone. Everything. Use HiSuite, copy manually what you need, use an app — doesn't matter what you do, just make sure there is nothing on that device that you don't want to lose forever.

    Be aware that this modification will probably void your warranty. Also, don't come crying to me if you accidentally brick your phone. You are doing it at your own risk.

    STEP 0 . Get your bootloader unlock code from Huawei

    As of now, there is no geting around this. There are some guides that supposedly let you obtain the code from one of Huawei's automated sites, but my personal experience with them is that they don't work.

    What you really need to do is write an e-mail to [email protected] that should look something like this:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to ask for the bootloader unlock code for my Huawei G7.

    Phone model: Huawei Ascend G7-L01 (or G7-L03 or other, depending on your device)
    IMEI SV: XX (optional, better to include)
    Serial number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Product ID: XXXXXXXX (optional, better to include)

    Name: XYZ XYZ (optional)
    Phone number: +XX XXX XXX XXX (optional)

    Yours faithfully,

    The details you provide are necessary for Huawei to send you your unique unlock code for the device you have. Where to find them?

    IMEI and IMEI SV: On your phone go to "Settings" -> "About phone" -> "Status" and then look for IMEI and IMEI SV down the screen.

    Serial number: This is not the serial number that you can find in the settings menu. This is the serial number that is on a sticker that should be on the box that you got your phone in. If you threw out the box, well, you're out of luck and there is currently no way to get the unlock code any other way.

    Product ID: Open the dialer app, and type:
    The code should show up on your screen.

    After a few hours you should get an e-mail from Huawei with your bootloader unlock code. Hooray!

    STEP 1 . Download all the necessary resources to your computer

    If you have succesfully obtained the unlock code from Huawei, we can start the real thing.

    First, download and install 15 seconds ADB Installer by Snoop05. It's a piece of code that allows your computer to communicate with your device on a more fundamental level than usual, for example to issue commands to the phone's OS.

    Second, download this custom recovery tool (Philz Touch 6.59.0) for Huawei G7 made by Juanro49 over at It wil allow us to install the new ROM. It automatically enables root privileges.

    Third, download this version of stock ROM (v. B-254) with unnecessary applications removed by boo_guar70 over at

    Fourth, since SuperSU and Huawei devices currently don't get along very well download this superuser app by Koush.

    STEP 2 . Unlock the bootloader

    Connect your phone to your computer. Make sure USB debugging option is enabled. Open the folder in which you installed the ADB and press SHIFT + Right Mouse Click -> "Open terminal here".

    Write this into the terminal window and press Enter:
    adb reboot bootloader
    This will reboot your device into bootloader mode.

    Now, let's check the connection by writing:
    fastboot oem get-bootinfo
    This will display information about the current status of your device's bootloader. It shoud say, among other things, "Bootloader Lock State: LOCKED" (for now)

    Then write:
    fastboot oem unlock XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    where XXXX is the number you got from Huawei.

    Now use "adb reboot bootloader" command once again and get the information about the bootloader using "fastboot oem get-bootinfo" command. Now it shoud say "Bootloader Lock State: UNLOCKED". Congratulations, you just unlocked the bootloader!

    STEP 3. Install custom recovery

    Reboot the phone into fastboot mode (hold POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons when booting up) and connect it to your computer.

    Unpack the Philz Touch 6.59.0 recovery we downloaded earlier and open its folder, then run Install-Windows.bat as administrator and follow the instructions that will be displayed on the screen. After the installation reboot your phone. Congratulations, you installed custom recovery on your phone!

    STEP 4. Install new ROM and the Superuser app

    Copy the "" and "" files to your phone's SD card. Reboot into recovery (hold POWER and VOLUME UP buttons).

    In the recovery menu go to "Wipe and Format Options" and select "Wipe Cache", then "Wipe Dalvik/ART Cache" and finally "Clean to Install a New ROM". When you are finished cleaning, return to the main recovery menu and select "Install Zip". Select "Choose zip from /storage/sdcard1" and find the "" file you placed there. Confirm and install the new ROM. After the installation but before you reboot the phone choose "Install Zip" again but now install the "" file.

    Reboot (if "restore root" option shows up, press it), set up your preferences, log into your Google account and enjoy your new clean ROM and root privileges. Remember, this ROM is "clean" — this means that by default only the most necessary applications are installed. You have to install applications you want to use through Play Store.

    If you did everything properly, you can open the champaigne and congratulate yourself on your successful transition from dirty noob peasant to 1337 UN1X DR01D H4XX0R.

    Once again I want to stress that, although I tried to be as exact as possible, I do not guarantee that everything will go smoothly and I'm not responsible for any accidental damage you may do to your phone.



    CPU: 64-bits Cortex A53

    Display: 5.5'' 1280x720

    Camera: Main 13MP sony BSI front 5MP

    RAM: 2 GB

    ROM: 16GB

    OS: EMUI 3.0 based on Android 4.4

    Battery: 3000mah

    Size: 153.5x77.3x7.6mm

    Repost from :
    i want to root my g7
    its 250
    can you tell me how to root it?
    i am not expert
    tell me in English please english ENGLISH ENGLISH
    i dont know spanish or french

    thank you

    Download recovery:!dQ8DTLCL!LqxcU8RwPMgXKCduLmFr1UsAZXZQDt-KXSqp_BofMrQ
    And extract files
    If what you want is only root not install the recovery to preserve the original do the following:
    1. We connect the phone to the computer in fastboot mode (vol+ and power)
    2. We begin a terminal in the folder where the recovery (shift + right mouse button and start terminal here)
    3. We write "fastboot boot recovery.img"
    4. We hope and we will begin the recovery
    6 Install the super user to STOCK This:
    Koush Superuser
    7 Reboot and install from the play store this recommended busybox:

    Sorry for my bad english but i'm spanish and I write with google translator
    Finally the divice rooted ???
    So happy I made a fast boot for the device

    Here you are

    After extract Find the way how to use the fast boot you can flash cuatom recovery and then after root flash the stock recovery

    This is the recovery come with chaina


    Chose this


    Chose root supersu


    Yes apply



    Go back to the main menu by using the arrow down
    Your phone will reboot


    Your phone will be rooted???

    Then just restore the stock recovery if you want

    Best wishes

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    It not possible to hide it but I foud the option in other phone with the same emui 3.0 maybe there is a way to do it after root I will try to modify the build.prop to find the way
    Turn to burn asphalt is a great rom, it's based on B256, it really improves WiFi and data connectivity, plus most junk stuff has been removed, rom size is like half the size of stock rom, no problems so far, really great rom by boo.

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