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HUAWEI Browser Integrates HUAWEI FIDO to Ensure Sign-in Security

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Senior Member
Jun 24, 2020
HUAWEI Browser is a secure and easy-to-use mobile browser provided by Huawei. It leverages Huawei's accumulated technological prowess to provide seamless web browsing, convenient searching, and comprehensive privacy safeguards, thereby attracting a vast and diverse user base. Users can search for and browse web pages, as well as sign in to their personal accounts using HUAWEI Browser.


When a user uses HUAWEI Browser to sign in to a website (such as an enterprise website) by entering the password manually, it is a time-consuming process and the user may even forget their password. Therefore, it is essential for the browser to provide other convenient ways of signing in to improve user experience.


By integrating FIDO, HUAWEI Browser allows users to sign in to a website via fingerprint or facial authentication after the user enables fingerprint or facial sign-in when signing in to the website for the first time. This offers users a better sign-in experience. In addition, FIDO uses the system integrity check result as the prerequisite for authentication, ensuring that sign-in authentication is performed in a more secure device environment.


(Enter the website address in HUAWEI Browser >> Choose to enable fingerprint or facial sign-in >> Once enabled successfully, sign in with fingerprint or facial authentication)


Users can sign in to websites using HUAWEI Browser in a more secure environment.

HUAWEI Browser provides a more convenient authentication experience.

For more details, you can go to:

l Our official website

l Our Development Documentation page, to find the documents you need

l Experience the easy-integration process on Codelabs

l Submit a trouble ticket online for any problems during integration

l Reddit to join our developer discussion

l GitHub to download demos and sample codes

l Stack Overflow to solve any integration problem

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