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Huawei Business Connect Makes Business Management Way Easier

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Jack Wu Shenzhen

Senior Member
Feb 11, 2020
The digital era has brought business owners increasing opportunities, but also challenges. It’s more important than ever to grab the attention of potential customers and make business information easily accessible to them online – and with 93% of consumers saying online reviews impact purchase decisions,[1] there is a clear need to ensure potential customers can receive the information they require whenever and however they search for it.

Business Connect is a free one-stop business management platform which allows users to manage their business information and boost their online exposure by providing access to Huawei Mobile Services’ engaged global audience.


Designed for business owners of all shapes and sizes, from local shops to huge enterprises, Business Connect:
  • Makes users’ businesses easily accessible to consumers online
  • Allows business owners to smoothly manage all their essential information, such as business name and category, opening times, location, photos, etc, from one easy-to-use platform
  • Allows customer reviews as well as a chance for the business to reply
  • Allows businesses to post products, events, deals and promotions to engage with potential customers
  • Allows product and service details, including photos and prices, which can redirect to purchase/booking pre-set links
  • Provides powerful operation data analysis which highlights trends and improves ad efficiency
Businesses can also benefit from increased exposure and traffic from other Huawei mobile services – joining Business Connect will see their business listed on services such as search engine Petal Search, navigation tool Petal Maps, and advertising platform Huawei Ads, giving them access to a potential 580 million active users across more than 170 countries and regions.

When registered with Business Connect, business owners can manage the key information customers see, and all updates can automatically synchronise with other Huawei apps to ensure their business information remains up to date across various platforms without having to update each one manually. The Business Connect profile can also be shared on social media as a further way to increase exposure.

Businesses can also engage potential customers by posting their latest events and promotions, with customers who click on these redirected to the pre-set web page for online reservations, placing orders and getting more details, to drive additional traffic to the businesses’ websites.

To register with Business Connect, business owners simply need to visit https://bizconnect.huawei.com or contact [email protected] to list their business and use the free service to easily and effectively interact with existing and potential customers.

[1] Podium State of Online Reviews report: https://www.podium.com/resources/podium-state-of-online-reviews/