How To Guide Huawei Cloud on the new Honor.

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Jun 23, 2019
Honor 50
This will not give you the opportunity to make a full backup, but it will partially allow you to get into the cloud and save your data. I was able to create a backup on the Honor 50 and after that I restored it on the Huawei tablet.

1. Naturally, you must have Huawei HMS Core services
2. Perhaps there should be a frame
3. Install this version of the cloud (you can't update, only it works)
4. After installation, immediately open and give all permissions except geolocation (I gave it to it, but it seems to me that it interferes)
5. To log in to the cloud, you have two options
  • 1: Through the button in the curtain
  • 2: Installation Manager tab in AppGallery
6. Two buttons do not work, "Settings" and "Memory Management", you should not touch them - the cloud flies out of control
7. We saw the cloud, but they don't allow us to make a backup, the program writes an error both during recovery and when trying to create a backup, the "System Dispatcher" prevents us from doing this.
8. In developers, we set to allow debugging and debugging only when charging. Install ADB AppControl on the PC, connect the phone through it and remove the ADB "System Dispatcher".
9. After the backup, the dispatcher must be returned, without it we lose battery control, etc.
The data is saved only partially: contacts, messages, photos, videos and some programs. I can't save the settings because the dispatcher is turned off. I'm sorry, I'm writing through a translator, I hope it's clear.


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Jan 22, 2013
Hey there I'm trying to install the cloud app into my honor 50 but I'm always getting this error. Do you have any idea what is the conflicting app? is a while that I am trying to figure it out but I am unable. T
hank you

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