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Huawei Firm Finder / Huawei Firm Archive ( 2021 Edition )

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Hello IProfessor, thanks for your answer.
I would like to ask to you just one last question and i think more pertinent with the thread:
it is possible to download the huawei board software too for my model (p30 lite), is there a link for that?
Board firmwares aren't available on firmfinder, I honestly don't know where you can find them but you should be extra careful with them, because as far as I'm concerned when you flash these you lose your IMEI serial and if you haven't taken a backup from that, it will be gone for good


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Jan 5, 2022
  • It's not a tool but rather an online website, unfortunately recently FirmFinder has gone out of business with Huawei's new changes, so I grabbed a cheap VPS and got a website up with archives of old / new firmwares.
  • Support for Phone Model Based Search
  • Support for CXXX Value Based Search
  • Support for Vendor Based Search
  • Support for Target OS buildnumber Search.
  • Smooth environment, where the database gets fully downloaded and cached in your hardware.
How to install a rom?


Lets go to the website!

Special thanks to my friend @oslo83 for the suggestion and the help in grabbing the ROMS from Huawei's servers.
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