Huawei Mate 10 Lite - To root or not to root?

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New member
Dec 17, 2017
Hi everyone,

So I've just bought a Huawei Mate 10 Lite and so for so good. I'm pretty pleased with it but coming from a Samsung S7 I've found this one a little rough around the edges regarding the OS itself.
With that said, I was wondering: is it worth to root my Mate 10 Lite? And if it is, are there any recommendations?

The things that made me consider going for a root are the following:
- Lock screen - I hate that magazine style or whatever it's called, I think I've turned off everything that I could but there's still images scrolling and not just a clock and my notifications with the wallpaper I've chosen. I've searched everywhere and I couldn't find something that completely turned off that lock screen style.
- Contrast / Saturation of screen - with S7 the colors just popped, with Mate 10 Lite, not so much. I know they were richer because I've opted for the "cinema" filter, regardless, I would enjoy to have more control on that front.
- Some apps that I don't use I would like to delete them and I can't, but with that I can live.

Point being: is it worth to root it or are there any alternatives for what I want? Not that I'm not confortable with rooting smartphones, I've done it before, but some of those times it didn't worked that well, having messages not delivered or received, or making the smartphone to stagger a little. But that could be just from the smartphones, which were not that great.

Thank you in advance :)


New member
Jul 13, 2017
Root it, you have nothing to lose. Flash twrp, make a clean backup before you root it and then root it. I dont recommend changing the firmware though cause the huawei firmware is really good.
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