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Apr 24, 2016
I'm stuck at emui 10.1 right now. Even Hisuite was keep telling 10.1 is the highest version currently available for the LYA-L0C model.


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Apr 22, 2011
Google Pixel 6
Hello Folks, I have just bought a pre-owned Mate 20 Pro device which is LYA-L0C but has LYA-L29 stock ROM flashed.

I learned that I can flash any stock from using dload method but I can't really find a stock ROM for LYA-L0C (Canadian).

Can you help here?


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May 1, 2018
That was easy. Just put "Lya" into Hisuite proxy and chose the LYA-L29 with emui 12, set up with one click and all is good. No region change etc.

*No data loss. All apps/files stuck, no device reset.


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    Koodo, just got it.. Updates to .182 will download it once I'm back on WiFi. L0C model.

    Edit: added English screenshots
    For those who need a screen protector in Canada. Highly recommend the Alinsea 3D tempered glass (UV light and separate glue method). It's full adhesive and fingerprint works with it.

    Only drawback is that the default clear case that comes with the phone may cause the side of the screen protector to be lifted up. So yeah don't work well with the default clear case.
    I'm gonna switch topics in here from the past 10 pages of screen issues. I highly recommend using systemui tuner to clean up the status bar if you'd rather more room for notifications. For me I wanted to get rid of the alarm, Bluetooth and NFC icons because I don't need them persistently there. A reboot was required for them to take affect but now I'm happier with a cleaner look.

    And on a side note I'm working on a theme but given I'm new to Huawei this will take me longer. Ive got the system partially inverted but still lots to do! Unfortunately there are zero these to my knowledge that fully work on emui 9 to tide me over so I gotta keep working and try to make something happen!
    Other great news! OEM unlock can now be enabled in dev options!

    Also, a second face can be added to face unlock. The caption seem to indicate it should be a 2nd version of your own face and not someone else. This would help speed up face unlock. Haven't done it yet but feel like face unlock seems faster and more reliable since the update.

    5x option is back in the camera zoom though I haven't played with it yet.
    One app that is much needed is the Huawei app gallery. Make sure you guys get that and change your location to something else. Can't use Canada or USA so I picked Hongkong. Anyway it updates the theme app and it's much better now. I think that is needed in order to apply full themes as well.