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Huawei Mate 7 MT7-TL10 Q&A For XDA

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    Hi If you have any questions regarding this phone, I am more than happy to answer you. Our store sells this phone and we know how it works. Please post your questions here and one of our sales representatives will answer your questions.
    Thanks, I have a few questions?

    - Does it have double tap to unlock?
    - How would you describe the back, slippy/grippy?
    - What is the led notification like, where is it located? I've watched few video and haven't seen it?
    - How long does charging take?

    Dear Cathain,

    please refer answers to your questions below:

    1. Yes, it supports. The latest firmware is SP03, which improves the system stability and power usage; with newer firmware released in the future, the phone will support more features hopefully.
    2. grippy, with or without the leather case, the same.
    3. It is blue, on the top right side (tiny one). For MT7-TL10 model, HUAWEI exclusively provides a nice leather holster (function similar to Samsung Note series); however, in real life use, the holster just covers the led notification area.
    4. That's a good question. For MT7-TL10 model, it charges in full within 2.5 hours; when you use it in USA or other countries that have lower voltage, the charging time could be as long as 5 hours. The battery (turn wifi, 2 sim cards, web, webchat etc. on) can last around 30 hours daily use. Excellent battery life.

    If you have follow up questions, please let us know.
    I can't answer to your question but @TheKitano owns a MT7-UL00 maybe he can tell you if his phone is dual SIM.
    And @getmobilephone is a nice seller, I think he can help you as well ;)

    Yes I can help with that. My MT7-UL00 has dual SIM slot. The second can be used for Micro SD Card or SIM. Until now I did not test the second Slot with a SIM Card... I use it with a 64GB Micro SD.
    Not questioning your business practices. As for anyone buying something incompatible, every person has to buy whatever they want, regardless if it will work or not.

    I'm asking more about if you're selling the version that IS US-carrier incompatible, and then (according to you) it is made compatible with a ROM upgrade, will you provide the ability to download the new ROM and instructions on how to flash it?

    Also, are you stating that the US-compatibility can be achieved by using an updated ROM?

    Dear sanjsrik,

    To give you our best answer,

    1) we can provide the XDA community, and our customers of course, the international ROM once the international version is available. Our technician works as a moderator for a famous ANDROID forum in China and we can provide our best tech support. Flashing ROM to Mate 7 is NOT a problem now. Customized ROMs have been out for downloading for a few days now.

    2) we can NOT promise that, the international ROM can unlock several FDD-LTE bands for the unit to properly work in USA. However, according to a HUAWEI technician we communicated with yesterday, very likely, the assumption might be true. What really make us optimistic is the fact that, the Chinese and International 3/32 versions share the identical type: MT7-TL10 (see attached). Judge this by yourself.

    3) we are still communicating with HUAWEI, including HUAWEI USA, in hope for an answer that the current version can be properly used with local T-Mobile/ATT Sim cards.

    We are a sellers for most of the part and hope this information may be helpful for the XDA community members.
    One question regarding the maximal size of the MicroSD card:
    Huawei states that the Mate 7 supports up to 32 GB cards. Could you please test a 64 GB (or bigger) MicroSDXC card? I just can not believe that 32 GB is the max. possible storage expansion for such a great device...

    Dear Piotrekk,

    The MT7-TL10 supports up to 128GB of external storage. You are good to go.