Huawei Mate X

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Aug 9, 2005
Victoria, British Columbia
Oh man, Huawei is embarrassing Samsung and everyone else out there. I really had no interest in folding phones until I saw the X. As I imagined the folding phone and my idea of the perfect design this X is the exact fruition. Any one wanting to buy a mint Mate 20 X ?.
I will for sure buy my self a F phone, but i will wait a couple of years, so the price is going lower and the baby errors is corrected.
Im not a fan of a special brand, but my first priority with smartphones are a big display... But always and only Android. .
I left AppleSung after many years as a big fan with the S serie and the note serie, but dont like greedy companys. So Sammy and Apple will not be my choice, but im open gor all other brand out there [emoji1303]

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