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Dec 20, 2006
I could not wait any longer and installed it. Will probably flash over a version with chinese stuff removed if it becomes available.

Got it rooted by using files from here

Installed gapps posted here.

new stuff : deep sleep option at shutdown.

Big plus: opera mobile 12 not crashing with screen rotation but still crash on flash.


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Jan 11, 2010
The ROM is very smooth, I already have rooted it and installed the Gapps through the CWM Recovery.

More to follow.

Is this to say that CWM is now available? So if I get a Springboard I could take a proper backup of the factory ROM before messing around with it?

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Oct 2, 2010
So the search function is back now, but I still haven't been able to find the answer to basically any of my anybody putting ICS on a (US) T-Mobile Springboard, are you able to make/receive phone calls and use data regularly at the same time? Are there any issues using Mediapad stuff on the Springboard?


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Mar 16, 2010
The ICS ROM released today doesn't have gapps, and even after installing them from here its not complete. To install the gapps you need to have root which can be achieved by following zombolo's post which I will reproduce below

My root-ready version:

Install the rom as usual.
Copy sanixupdate folder to the root memory of the tablet (not in the microsd). Reboot.

You are now root. Enjoy!

Now unzip the gapps file, and copy the 'app' folder found inside 'system', and paste this 'app' folder into the sd card or internal storage of the Mediapad.

Here's the gapps provided by zombolo again:

Now if you followed zombolo's instructions you should have root. Use Root Explorer, or any Android file browser that can access the system folder, copy the contents of the 'app' folder and paste it into 'system/app/' found on the internal storage of the Mediapad.

Restart the tablet. You should now have all the google apps, including market and gmail etc.

However, what I've found is that the tablet isn't recognised correctly as an ICS device. Some apps don't show up in the market, such as Google Maps and also Chrome Beta says it's not an ICS device.

I hope brainmaster (or anyone else) will be able to make a rom or some instructions on how to get a fully functional version with gapps soon!
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    What are the real resolution of the 2? from Aldiko is broken.
    some applications are now working correctly after uninstall Aldiko and libraries

    try remove
    and reboot.

    We are working on Clockwork Recovery at "".

    Right now it s a beta version with some bugs.

    i am able to make a backup. but at this time i cant flash it back.

    also i compiled the 3.0.8 Kernel to CM9. more results the next days.

    perhaps a download for the Clockwork Recovery.
    If someone wants to try out the new ICS Preview, i've created 2 mirrors for dowloading :)

    Mirror 1
    Mirror 2
    Root-ready international version:

    Install as usual.

    After installing the rom you can root: copy sanixupdate folder to the root memory of the tablet (not in the microsd). Reboot and you are ready!

    To shutdown the Mediapad keep pressing power button, otherwise through the menu it will go in deep sleep only.
    A root-ready version will arrive in about 3 hours (sorry, my uplod speed is weak, 30/kbs)