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Huawei P Smart FIG-LX1 account verrification loop???

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Mar 2, 2018
i have a huawei p smart fig-lx1.
it's my own phone and now i have done hard reset to reset phone but now i can't get pass my google account verification. I have the email address of the phone and when I enter this I can enter the password associated with the account and then it jumps back to start account verification. I can even use recovery email address from this account but still I don't get back in my phone. Also texting or calling the phone number that I have provided as recovery number that belongs to this account of the phone works. I get code when I use sms recovery option on phone and this code is good because I can change my password on this phone but still the account verification keeps telling me to use the registered account on phone!

its original phone and i believe android oreo and frp locked and also bootloader. please help. Chat whit dc unlocker tells me this phone can not be unlocked this bootloader. So iam ****ed so to say.. sorry for language gramma,, tamino