Huawei P20 Pro Issues

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Loving my P20 Pro it's the best £600 I've spent in a while... Have been on IOS for the last few years so this is very refreshing although Android doesn't feel as polished as IOS did...
No issues with my handset whatsoever - Upgraded it from 106 to 120 the day I got it and then from 120 to 128 last week and so far so good :)

It's funny when you say android doesn't feel as polished as apple did in a thread for a phone that doesn't feel as polished as android does. Just saying :eek:

Sujith Unnikrishnan

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Jun 26, 2018

When i playing any videos in my P20 pro ( not in online ) its turn to full screen automatically.
How can i fix this problem ? Please help


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Mar 16, 2007
Xiaomi Mi 11
I've a problem with stock gallery app. No photos are showing up In people, highlights and things but only locations... Should be a function of the AI... But apparently is not working. Do you have any idea?


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Sep 27, 2014
Yes, I didn't like the awful looks of it so I removed it, it wasn't going over the entire surface which looked goofy. But now I understand why it was there, it was hiding low quality glass. A shame.

The glass is fine it just doesn't have as good a coating as some phones. But saying that, my S9 plus scratched out of no where and I use my phones with kid gloves. I have just bought a Spigen case friendly glass screen protector. It's really nice.


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Jun 23, 2018
I'm having issues with Spotify when the lock screen kicks in. It keeps pausing for significant amounts of time. As soon as I press the unlock button through playback resumes. I have amended battery details to allow it to run in the background but hasn't made any difference. Any ideas?


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Jul 10, 2018
Hi I have P20 pro for 3 weeks now. Absolutely love this phone. It's a decent phone to have. Only realized today that boomerang doesn't save the videos. Is there any way this could be fixed??


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Mar 28, 2009
Huawei P20 Pro Calender app

When you insert an adress the application highlights only a part of the written address and if you click on it you start google maps but it does not take you to the correct address!


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Aug 27, 2009
I'm having issues with Spotify when the lock screen kicks in. It keeps pausing for significant amounts of time. As soon as I press the unlock button through playback resumes. I have amended battery details to allow it to run in the background but hasn't made any difference. Any ideas?

Hi, you need to setup apk to ignore battery opt and setup for manual control, this will do trick will all apks have trouble run when screen is off.. ;)


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Aug 1, 2010
Camera is fine I guess, but over all, this is one of the buggiest phones I have had in years. I like the hardware, but I really dislike EMUI and I regret getting the phone. Still.. there are not too many options. Touchwiz is even worse, I find the iphone unusable and pixel 2 is dated.
Let's see.
1. Do not disturb timers only turn on, but never disable do not disturb.
2. If you connect to a wifi network without an internet connection, i.e. one that you need to login from a redirect page, then the P20 Pro will drop the cellular data connection and keep trying to use wifi. So, if you do not notice it and turn off wifi, you will never get any data.
3. Alarms are a freaking mess.
3a. Google alarms works, but normally only for a couple of days. Then the icon for alarms goes away and it stops going off. You will need to turn off and on the alarm again.
3b. The huawei alarm will not sound or vibrate when do not disturb is enabled. Even when DnD is set to allow alarms and all notifications are set in the alarm settings. If you unlock the phone and pull down the notifications and click the alarm it be going off. Unfortunately not helpful since you are already late for work.
4. After logging in to a wifi hotspot via login page, "normal" android is smart enough not to treat it as a normal webpage and closes it once you are logged in.. Not EMUI. It keeps the tab open.
5. You cannot interact with notification on the lock screen as you can with "real" android as EMUI's horrible notification management prevents it and you must log in. You cannot even dismiss the alarm should you happen to wake up before it going off. Stupid.
6. USB debugging must be enabled every single time you connect to your PC, unlike real android.
7. Double tapping the volume key often will not open the camera. Real android uses the power button. Also, when listening to music, this shortcut is not possible, unlike with real android.
8. Using themes can sometime remove menu items from from settings.


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Sep 5, 2018
Hi!! After updating the software yesterday, I couldn't unlock the screen anymore. Is there anyway I could remove the password without deleting all my data? TIA


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Aug 20, 2009
Project Treble
After updating to 152 fw, widgets on my home screen cannot update their data. It's happening on the stock Huawei's launcher as well on the third party launcher.


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Oct 24, 2018

Hello. I have a Huawei p20 pro. I tried to connect to the phone a keyboard (Logitech g510s), it connects to the kayboard but the buttons don t work proprerly, by that I mean the ESC or keyboard screenshot works but the essential buttons in games (games like Pbug) like down, up, right left, D, F, S, A does t work! At first i thought it is because of usb otg cable so I bought another one, but is the same issue with the both of the cables. After that I was wondering if the keyboard is the problem but i connected it to my old phone (Huawei p7) and the games work very well! If there is anyone who can help me it will be awesome. I really don t want to belive this phone do not support psyhical keyboard for games.

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    For the Bluetooth problems you have to set the app auto start settings of the Polar / Garmin app to manuell and give full permissions. Otherwise the phone will recognize the battery drain in the background and kill the app.
    I use a Garmin vivoactive 3 and after I changed this all is fine. You will get an notification about heavy battery drain at some point, but just ignore it.

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