Huawei P30 PRO PrivateSpace


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May 16, 2018
SoI have P30 Pro since august 2019. I know about private space, and I created it as i bought the phone.
I never really used it, but I wanted to have it just in case.
For my MainSpace I have fingerprint and (ofcourse) regular lock screen with numbers. I am sure about my lock screen number, and I know the combination of numbers cause it's my birthday number. When I bought the phone i was surprised about seven digits password (its always been six). So my password was 1412995, and i never changed that. As i never really used private space, i really didnt even know what password it has. A few days ago i i wanted to unlock my screen (i always use fingerprint) so i had to put my password in digits cause i had gloves and just entered my birthday, cause i saw 6 digits on the screen. SO it accepted 141295 as my password and entered PrivateSpace. After that I took off my gloves, used my finer and everything was alright. Now, I cant unlock my phone with fingeprint just with numbers and im stuck with PrivateSpace. Im creating backup of my media files to my computer with Transfering files from MainSpace to PrivateSpace, and I have no courage to turn off my phone, and try to enter MainSpace again cause im afraid that it wont let me to use PrivateSpace. So how the hell I can solve this? I dont even know what happened, and why it suddenly asking for 6 digits. I really want to avoid factory reset because of my application backup (whatsapp, viber, sms). So, How to get back to my MainSpace :(