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Aug 4, 2016
New update but no change log🤷‍♂️


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Jul 4, 2011
I don't care that much either. The phone runs just fine and I'll get a spare one just because it does everything I need and the build quality is top notch. Still, security updates might come to an end in 6-12 months for this model.
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    Hey guys, I just had to do a little clean-up on the thread. Let's please remember to keep things civil and kind. We may not always agree but that doesn't mean we need to be rude to each other.

    Thank you!
    Received the 10 Minutes ago. Berlin, Germany
    Is there anybody introducing new firmware on this page, ?? Nothing since march 19 for VOG-L29? Or did huawei stop issuing new firmware?
    I see the firmwares discovered, but the application could not grab them, dunno why though
    VOG-LGRP2-OVS - With March Security patch for East Asia C636 is apparently out too
    We'll get it in June.
    VOG-LGRP2-OVS - With March Security patch for East Asia C636 is apparently out too
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    I think SilviuO is The Terminator, never offline, always helping, never sleeps, 200 year power-cell :D

    :))))) that's life at 37 with 2 kids, my wife and rest of my familly, an IT office & work from home job, allways connected (less when driving but got a big display on my car to see the notifications i get from who's needing me :p) and glad to help everyone @ here by sharing my knowledge when and if i can :D.

    Right now i'm at the mountains, recharching my Duracell batteries and watching my kids playing in snow :)

    So thanks for appreciation, m8 :cowboy:
    You guys still dont understand that updates are released based on imei batches. Imagine if they would release the update for 10 milion people in the same time , all downloading 4gb in the same time, they would need facebook's servers at least. They are releasing batches for each country/areas in the world to see if there are any issues/reports then they can release it to bigger batches. Its simple: no imei whitelisted by huawei, no update

    All those vpn, hicare and other stuff that everyone is trying is pure bullsh*t.
    Silviu, do you care to post a How to guide on using ADB for Huawei phones? It would really help me a lot in order to safely slim down the number of apps and services preinstalled on my phone.

    Ok, i'm gonna do a miniguide with how to and the apps i removed ;)
    dload FW v10.0.0.186 mirror link available

    Hy guys,

    For those of you who want to update to latest firmware available using dload FW method, i updated my thread with v10.0.0.186 for C431, C461, C185 & C605. For links and info, please follow my link to my thread .


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    Is it a guide for dummies lol? Simple and easy as dload was? ?

    Yes, it's kinda simple and i will post SS at every point, beside written explanation ?.

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