Huawei P40 downgrade / install Googlefier - Issues

Do you have a Huawei P40 (not pro, not lite) and you can use it with Google services?

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Jul 11, 2006

This is my experience with downgrading and installing Google apps for my new p40.

Start: Buy phone! :p
Use Xda forum to fix the issue with Google Services by following this thread ; Thank you, @bender_007
Used USB method for this fullOTA firmware, by @bender_007: P40 5G ANA-NX9 (C432E6R5P2)

Everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT:
1. Some apps can't be used as I'm getting the "This device isn't Play Protect certified" ...thx google! (see screenshot)
2. Annoying notifications from Google (managed to solve this by hiding the notifications :)))) )
3. Unable to add more google accounts (besides the ones added in step 1 for the googlier app)
4. Unable to sync contacts after the fact (initial sync works)

Have any of you found a working solution for these issues? The most frustrating one is no1. Device isn't play protect certified.

I tried the method to certify my device,.... but it doesn't seem to be working. ( See this


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Apr 5, 2009
Hi guys, stucked on the version. Broke my screem, had to replace it and huwawei made a reset on the phone. Before that it worked like a charm with GMS and notifications.
Is there any solutions by now on how to downgrade down to .149 version?