Huawei P40 easy firmware downgrade guide / fixes LZ play chinese app install problems

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Jan 27, 2022
So I've seen a few people here complaining they can't install google stuff on their phone because they've upgrade it to the latest EMUI version.
Here's an easy way to downgrade to a previous firmware. This works on the P40 version, but it should work on any P40 variant.

1. Download the firmware of your choice from the web. For the P40 european here's a link (it worked on my ANA-NX9 phone:

2. Put the ''dload'' folder found in the zip at the root of a usb stick

3. Attach the usb stick to you phone. I take it anyone knows how to do it. Shutdown your phone. Then press and hold volume up and power button until you get to the recovery menu

4. Select Update mode, then select Memory card/OTG update mode

5. The phone will verify and install the firmware

At this point you'll be able to re-install all the google stuff, no more errors when trying to install the Chinese app. Needless to say, disable automatic firmware updates.
If I choose to upgrade back to EMUI 12, what will happen?

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